1. failures to success

Failures to success

Failing was not my destiny , it's was the testing of my journey , success was my aim , efforts were my companions , grits were my road map ,

I continued my journey to achieve the success , I failed, I failed , my strength were dented , demolished , questioned , but I didn't left the hope of success

I fought , I cried , I yelled , I wounded myself for success , nothing satisfied my emotions , only the crave was getting severe ,

People left my support , I was there all alone , only to mark my success , with the burden of failures ,

The path was rugged , I hurted myself to achieve my goals , no one was there to console , I was the only soul

My aim was apex , I was at the zenith , I fought hard , I was defeated , I was crushed , but the grit to achieve the success was burning , the wind of failures were strong , but I stood like a rock ,

I took the criticism , I gulp the shame , I stopped my tears which were my weakness , I disowned the failure to robe the success

My aim was tough , my journey was rugged , my emotions were crushed by my failure , the only precious element was left inside me was my instincts to achieve my success

At last I defeated my failures to achieve my success , I realized the taste of success by sacrificing my emotions , what I craved for I achieved , what I thirst for I quenched , what I felt for I perceived

Suckers can only be achieved , when you are ready to face your fears and failures , success can be achieved only by grits to face your tough compitetor

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