I'm Ale Carpenter. Dreams are meant to fly when your a 13 year old girl, right? Wrong. I'm an artist, sure my parents are famous except that my dad left when I was very little. My mother, Sabrina Carpenter, famous singer and all, spends life at a computer, playing with me and writing new songs in the studio. Now, there is a mystery about my dad and why he left.
Dilemma: Moving to a new school..


Ale, 'Artist' Carpenter.


1. 1


​'A Canvas is something... but a painting is another?' ​A​le Maria Carpenter thought briefly, while unpacking her suitcases in a large cottage. "Mum!" She shouted loudly, "When does school start?" Sabrina walked up the stairs and looked into Ale's room, "It starts in 10 minutes, get this room cleaned when you get home." She stared at her young daughter, "Your dad hasn't replied?" Sabrina guessed. Ale decided to ignore the fact and move on, packing her bag and racing to the car. She was wearing a Magenta top, with a pattern matching turquoise cardigan over. Under the top, she was wearing a snow white dress that reached down till her shins and looked like a skirt. In the car, Ale quickly sat and belted up, her mother, hopped into the driver's seat and started accelerating. "Mum! What are you wearing?" Ale asked, looking at her mother's fashion choices. Sabrina passed Ale a booklet, "Fashion crisis, chucked this on." She briefly answered, "I'm going to focus on driving, can you read that and see which fashions are at the Big Kim mall?" Ale nodded and quickly skimmed through the paper booklet, "Done, no good designs." Ale stated as they reached the parking lot of the school.


Ale collected her backpack from the bout of the car and walked into the school, noticing the large sign saying, 'Mystical Jane High School' She observed that there were no signs for the office and that she was late because there was no students loitering the hallways. Swiftly, Ale located the office and made a run for it. "Hello, I am Ale Maria Carpenter, I'm new..." She told the secretary. "It's homeroom now, here is the student package, containing rules, your schedule and partner in crime."  Ale thanked the secretary and left the office, walking towards the homeroom for Year 8s.

​First day of High School, met a really cool girl called Melanie Da Benacool, apparently she is my partner in crime? According to her, partner in crime is who your 'buddy' is... I guess?




​Ale Maria Carpenter.


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