To Be ...or Not

Alex Wolff is experiencing vivid hallucinations* about the girl of his dreams, Babs Blackwell.

Will he eventually get over it? Or will he have to profess his love to his oldest friend?

*Otherwise called daydreams

Cover is completely mine... I worked like 20 minutes on it... I know... I have no life and too many feels....

Rated Yellow cos it's borderline


3. part 3

As Alex got ready for his day he tried to keep his spirits up. His dream was not helpful at all, it only made him want Babs more.

"Morning, Alex." He heard Nat say.

"Sup, Wolff?" It was Babs. She was there. Alex looked at her and smiled fast. He ran around the counter to Nat and leaned towards him.

"Is Babs here?" He asked quietly. Nat nodded.

"Do you see Babs here?" He whispered back. Alex shook his head.

"I forgot to put my contacts in. I couldn't tell who it was." Alex lied. He did in fact have his contacts in, and he could see her quite clearly, he just wasn't sure if what he was seeing was the real Babs or not. Alex ran into the bathroom to think.

Around Babs he was insane. Literally insane.

Away from Babs he was just angry. So very angry.

He didn't know what to do about it. He walked back out to the kitchen and smiled.

"Hey, Babs." He said. She waved.

"Nat's making waffles. You want some?" She asked smiling. Alex shook his head.

"No, thanks, I'm actually not feeling all that well." He sighed. Babs stood up and walked up to him.

"Aw, that's so sad." She said reaching up to feel his forehead. He resisted a little bit.

"Sorry." He said stepping away from her, "I'm just, ya know..." He paused, "Still tired." He made up an excuse. She nodded an sat back down.

"Listen, if you want to we can skip the suit shopping and go straight to /dessert." Babs said looking at him seductively. She stood up and walked around to the couch./ Alex groaned loudly and walked back into his room. He closed the door and sat down against it.

"Is he ok?" He heard Babs ask Nat.

"I don't know, it's Alex. He's never 'ok' he's always fantastic or an absolute terror." Alex chuckled at his brother's synopsis of his mood swings.

"So, Babs, I heard about you and Sebastian. That sucks." Nat said. Alex heard Babs sigh.

"Yeah, it does. But he was kinda an insensitive jack ass." Nat nodded.

"Yeah, I know guys like that." He said, "But do you know who isn't?" He asked, "Alex." Alex groaned loudly again, "He is a really great guy. If you haven't considered him as a potential boyfriend, then I would suggest you do that." Babs laughed.

"You say that like he would feel the same way! I mean, have I thought about me with Alex? Yeah. Would it ever work? Of course not." Alex's heart sank.

"Why wouldn't it?" Nat asked, "I mean. You and him, you hang out together all the time. I don't think I know Alex like you do! And I definitely don't know you as well as Alex does." Alex felt like he was watching a train wreck, but the watching is actually listening, and the train wreck is actually his brother trying to meddle in his nonexistent love life.

"Well, at the time it was because of Sebastian." She started.

"And he's gone." Nat said, "Come here." Alex heard some shuffling and then silence.

"Alex?" He heard Babs say, "Can you let me in? We need to talk alone." This was all too familiar.

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE." He yelled at the voices he thought was in his head. She gasped.

"What?" She asked. In that exact moment Alex realized what he had done. She wasn't a daydream. She was real. He stood up to open the door.

"What's wrong, Babs?" Nat asked trying to stop her.

"I've gotta go." She held her face.

"No, wait, Babs-" she slammed the door leaving Alex standing there in his room. He sighed.

"Great." He said, "Lost Babs because I'm going crazy." He was about to close his door back when Nat stopped him.

"What did you yell at her for?" He asked walking towards Alex.

"I just said. It's because I'm going crazy. Like actually crazy." Nat laughed until he saw his brother's worried face.

"Alex. You're kidding right? You're not really going crazy, are you?" He asked. Alex shrugged.

"I don't know for sure. It could be my hormones." Alex turned around and grabbed a towel from his dirty clothes hamper.

"What are you doing?" Nat asked.

"Oh, I'm gonna go and kill myself, I just want to put a towel under it cos I don't want you guys to have to clean up so much of my blood." He said walking into the bathroom and closing the door so Nat couldn't follow him.

Nat held his breath until he heard the shower turn on. He sighed and went back to the waffles he had made.

When Alex came out of the shower an hour later he looked around to see Nat staring at a waffle.

"What's your problem?" He asked Nat. Nat sighed.

"I ate all the other waffles and I'm afraid to eat the last one." Alex chuckled.

"Lemme solve that for you Einstein." Alex said picking it up and starting to eat it, "Problem solved." He said walking away from Nat. Or so he thought. Nat was following him.

"We're gonna talk about your mental state whether you want to or not." Nat shouted through the door. Alex rolled his eyes and sat down at his computer.

"I hear you on your computer. Are you gonna let me in or not?" Nat asked. Alex considered not answering him to see what he would do, but Nat seemed to know that, "And with no answer I'll use your credit card to jimmy the door open." Alex sighed and got up.

"Ok. Now, on a scale of one to ten, how crazy do you think you are and why?" Nat asked.

"7.4." Alex said softly, "I have been vividly hallucinating on and off for the last three days." He nodded. Nat laughed.

"You mean like fantasies?" He asked through chuckles.

"No, I mean hallucinations. I know the difference." Nat stared at him, "For example, you can control when you have fantasies and you can control what happens. They're also mostly in your head. These happen on their own time, I can't control it, and they're incredibly lifelike. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between reality and the hallucinations." Nat's eyes grew wide.

"Wait, you're completely serious?" He asked. Alex nodded.

"I wouldn't ever shout at Babs like I did if I had thought otherwise." Nat looked worried.

"Is there anything else?" He asked. Alex shook his head.

"Just these incredibly lifelike hallucinations. I'll let you know if there's anything else." Alex turned back to his computer with a sigh.

"I'm sorry about Babs man. Maybe you can explain to her what happened." Alex laughed at him.

"I think not." He looked over his shoulder, "Do you know how creepy it would sound if I went up to her and said 'hey! I've been having borderline sexual thoughts about you. And an unfulfilled burning desire to be romantically affiliated with you.' FYI it would be really creepy." He said. He suddenly looked straight ahead.

"Alex, all you have to do is apologize and tell her that you've been having hallucinations." Nat said, "You alright?" He asked seeing Alex how he was.

"Yeah. Uh, I'm just gonna go to sleep, wake me for dinner." Nat nodded and went on into the other room.

Alex was suddenly afraid. He couldn't feel his left leg. He kinda limped over to his bed and laid down.

"This is shit." He whispered to himself as he closed his eyes. He didn't dream that time.

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