"Good girls do what their daddy says my pretty Lolita",he said tugging on my underwear.
"But that's not even my name Harry"


5. Love Me

Harry P.O.V.

Her small figure falls to the floor with a thud. I pick her up and try to wake her up but she won't open her eyes. I have to call the police. But if I do, I know my reputation will be ruined, and I'll go to jail. So I had to call the next best thing: Liam. 

Liam P.O.V.

"Fuck Lou, slow down." I say tugging on the brunettes hair.

I'm about to lose it when my phone rings. Louis removes his mouth and has a cute pout on his face. 

I reach over and see that it's Harry. I swear this better be important or I was going to block him. 

"What the hell do you want Harry?"

"Please Li, come over. Livy won't wake up."

What? Who was Livy?

"Wait, Harry what happened?"


"Come on, Harry. I have to know the reason"

"I-I hit her but I promise I didn't mean to hit her. Just please come help her!" he cries. 

I run a hand down my face in concern. 

"Harry, call the police and have them send an ambulance. I'll be right there."

Here he starts to ball. 

"Li if I call the police, I'll go to jail and my reputation will be ruined, and Olivia won't anyone to support her." He practicly sobs.

"Alright, put her on a hard surface, and I'll be there as quick as possible."

I pull on some clothes and grab my keys. 

"Wait, Liam where are you going?" Lou asks concerned.

"My friend says some girl named Olivia is in trouble, and I need to help her. Sorry Lou, we can continue this when I get back." I tell him reasurringly.

"Wait, is your friend's name Harry?" Lou asks even more concerned.

"Uh, yeah. How'd you know?" I ask him officially creeped out.

"Because Olivia is my best friend." He says matter-of-factly.

I give him a confused look before we both are out of the house. 

I don't usually break the rules but I have to save her, especially since she's Lou's friend. I'm going more than 20 mph over the speed limit but it was life and death for this girl, this Olivia. When I arrive, I have to enter the passcode three times before it works. 

I beat on the door and soon a distraught Harry opens it. 

"Liam, I don't want him in the room." he says dryly as he peers over at Lou. 

"Harry, this is Louis, Olivia's BEST friend." I tell him, emphasizing the word best.

He still shakes his head. 

"Lou, just stay here. Okay babe?" I tell him, trying to reassure him further.

He pouts but kisses my cheek. 

I follow Harry up the stairs and into their room. 

'Where is she?" I ask.

"I-In the bathroom."

Why he put her in the bathroom I have no idea but I walk as fast I as can through the door.

I walk in to find her laying in the bathtub. I check her for a pulse and she has one. 

"She's just unconsciousness. I'll give a shot of adrenaline, and she should wake up." I tell Harry, trying to reassure him too. Geez all this reassuring is tiring.

I reach into my bag and pull out the adrenaline. 

"How much are you gonna give her?" He asks concerned again.

"Just 80 ml. She doesn't need to much." I try to explain.

I draw it and try to find a vein in her arm. When I find one I stick it in. At first, she twitches a little. Then her eyes shoot open. 

"Olivia baby! I'm so sorry!" Harry sobs holding her in his arms. 

She only mumbles in response. 

Her jaw is now a faint blue color. 

"She'll need Tylenol in the morning but for now she needs to rest, and next time Harry? Please control yourself, okay?"

He frowns but nods. I grab my bag and head downstairs. Lou is pacing back and forth in the living room. When he sees me he glares at me. 

"Is she ok?"

"Yes she's fine. She'll be even better in the morning" 

HE sighs and wrap his arms around me. 

"Thank you Li for helping her"he smiles. 

"I'd do anything for you Lou"


Updates might be slow after this because I'm going through a little something in my life but please stay with me....

Hope your enjoying the story! 


Blue & Willow

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