"Good girls do what their daddy says my pretty Lolita",he said tugging on my underwear.
"But that's not even my name Harry"


7. Curiosity Did What? Pt.2

Olivia P.O.V. 

"You were too caught up in your mind to realize it, Lolita. Now, lay down on the bed and let Daddy show you just how good curiosity fucked the cat." he growls. 

I can my feel my stomach clench up in anticipation. I know Harry can be a dick sometimes, but sometimes his dick is good. I'm about to laugh at my joke when he picks me up. 

He looks at me with a tilted head. 

"What land are you in? I told you to get in the bed, yet you stood there as if I said nothing." He looks at me further.

''I was listening it's ju- " I try to finish my explanation.

"I don't want to hear excuses, I want to hear you scream my name." He growls again.

And with that he throws me on the bed. I try to raise up but he crawls on top of me. His usual light green eyes are now a forest green. 

He slowly rubs my thigh through the thick cloth of the sweatpants. 

"What's my name, baby girl?" He asks.

I know Harry gets mad easily, and I think,

When he's horny and mad that that would be a good combination. 

"It's Harry right?" I answer, waiting in anticipation.

His eyebrows furrow in confusion and anger. 

"What's my name?" he asks again.

I furrow my eyebrows and pretend to think. 

He huffs and pulls the sweatpants off of me. He leaves a trail of kisses on my thighs as he makes his way up to my area. 

"Go ahead and play dumb, but by the time I'm done, you'll wake the neighbors up." he smirks. 

"I love how you're all talk and no action because I'm not even aroused," I laugh. 

He gives me a slight bite in my inner thigh and I let out a moan in approval. He slips my underwear off and presses a finger against my center. 

"H-Harry." I breathe out his name.

"That's not my name, Lolita." he chuckles, pressing his index finger in deeper. 

"Just go already!" I say wanting him to go faster.

He lets out one last ridiculous laugh before slipping all the way in. 

He's slow at first but after I give him a tug of the hair, he picks up the pace. 

"Another one, please?" I moan. 

He removes his finger, replacing it with his tongue. 

"Fuck! Harry, faster!" I yell.

He groans sending vibrations throughout my whole body. He grabs my thighs and opens my legs as far as they will go. I have to grab at the sheets to keep from moaning really loud. The cold air hitting my bare flesh sends shivers up my spine. He gives my small licks on my center, pressing oh-so gently. 

"How's that baby girl?" He asks with a smirk.

I only bite my lip and tug at the sheets. 

"Ah, come on baby girl. Let me hear that cute moan of yours." he pleads.

"Please Harry!" I yell.

"That's not my name!" he growls. 

He adds two fingers and pumps as fast as he can.

"Now what's my name?" He asks once more.

"D-D-" I try to form a sentence but it's so intense.

"Don't stutter Lolita. Say it now or I'll stop." He practicly yells

""Please don't i-it feels so good." I beg.

"Then say it!" he yells back at me.

I'm about to scream it out when he takes his fingers out and climbs over me. He reaches over into the little nightstand and pulls out a condom. 

"If you won't say it, I'll force it out." He concludes.

He positions himself, slowly entering.

"For God's sake, Daddy fuck me!" I yell.

He puts a hand on the headboard and one on my hip. 

"Those words don't belong in the same sentence Lolita, but God do they sound like poetry in my ears." He says while he breathes heavily.

I smile and dig my nails in his back. 

"Fuck me daddy!" I yell again.

He smiles and begins thrusting. I bury my face in his neck to keep from screaming in his ears. I drag my nails down his back hoping he will go a little faster. 

"Faster Daddy!" I moan. 

"Don't worry. Daddy's gonna fuck your brains out."


Well there you go....not the best smut but I guess it'll have to do yeah?

I liked it. It was fun editing. :P

Hope you liked it and please remember to like, comment your fav parts so far, and share!

Hope your enjoying so far!

LOVE BLUE & Willow. <3


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