Poems of my own

Here are some poems of mine that I have done. Hope they are great!


1. 12 years old

    From my birth to my twelve year old life,
 I was always happy and thinking nothing in the world mattered.
 I was happy with my age and I never, ever wanted to be older than twelve.
I always thought that my life was the best life ever. 
I could do whatever I wanted without getting in trouble, 
sort of.
 I sometimes even somehow got away with getting mad at my sibling.  
That wasn't really all my life was about.
  My brother and I usually got along until
 he made my room a mess three years ago.
 "Little brother!
 Why did you ruin my things? " 
I was angry because he tore most of my room apart
, scribbled on my things, 
 broke many of my collectibles. 
He colored in my personal progress book, 
 broke my young women's necklace chain. 
He scattered my stuffed animals and unmade my bed.
Oh how mad was I
Sadly, Enough to yell
I ran to mom and dad
"Remember" they say
" Remember  he is still a toddler
Remember he is young
Remember to be responsible
Remember to be kind" 
They taught me a lesson
So good, I still remember it
Thank you mom
Thank you dad
I now understand
I understand I am not a child anymore
I understand, that my brother was still yet learning. 


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