Guide to Greenies

Want to train horses? Same.


4. How to Move.

Sometimes you just need to get out of a pen. Fast. Sometimes you don't think you'll make it, or you freeze and don't know how. Now I know sometimes it's best to trigger the fight or flee instinct in a horse and pray they flee, but other times they will fight. And you will lose. Here I will explain how to do both of these things.

Running- Well, this is the once I have more experience on. I work with a stallion as well, and he tends to be super protective, as stallions are, I'm not blaming him in any way, I understand. Typically you only want to run if you're near a gate, or unless you see him from really far off. You will need to know how to jump a gate. Here's how--------- You don't. You don't think about it I mean. If you need to get out and jump that gate, just do it. Don't think, don't hesitate, just do it. It sounds like I'm not helping you at all, or I'm being vague. But really. You don't think about it. If you do, you're hesitating, and that can get you hurt or killed. It's not always best to run; if you are slow (I'm sorry guys but really, I'm not making fun of you I just don't want you killed so don't kid yourself.) or way out of shape, not agile or quick. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO RUN. Horses are extremely fast and not even the fastest people can outrun them. It's about timing and if your not quick, agile, and fit, you will not win the race okay? Once you start to run you can't stop because that horse is now going to target you. You have to move quick and you have to get over that fence. 

Fighting- Make yourself as big as possible. That's pretty much the gist of it. Raise your arms, wave them around above your head. Jump up and down, YELL. You want them to go away, be as loud and aggravating as possible. Cause commotion and chaos. Because if they don't find you scary. They will still come at you. Everything you've learned not to do because it will scare the horses, do it now. Because you need them to turn away or your dead.

Sorry if that's frightening, but I want this to be extremely scary so you're not reckless and don't get killed. I HAVE BEEN KNOCKED OVER. I have been knocked to the ground, hit with knees legs and fetlocks on the way down, and it's a miracle I wasn't stepped on. I am writing this to you now because you may not be as lucky. The second time I was charged I learned, and I vaulted over the gate, I almost broke my nose, but I was pinned in a corner with a gate and a fence. You're asking, "why didn't you just open the gate?" Let me explain something to you. Here's a situation, a horse is 15 feet away, and decides to charge at a canter. You're shaking with adrenaline and you don't have time. When it's jump or die, JUMP.

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