Today I Am

Here's a poem I wrote, I guess you could describe it as what people are acting out. How they act, how they feel, and what you can do about it. It's whatever you want it to be.

I hope you enjoy it!

-Limited Wonders


1. Today I Am

Today I am nothing

No friends

No home

And all through the night

I wish I could moan

But I’m held back

By the fright

Of who will hear me

In the dark

In the cold


Today I am bronze

A sword

That cuts

Through the night

Air rushing to fill

The space

Behind the blade

The torchlight


Off my

Burnished make


Today I am silver

I gleam

I reflect

I pretend to be


So I can protect

What’s inside

I smother

Who I am


Today I am gold

I’m wealthy

I’m bold

I get no joy

From the things

Of the world

And though

It might seem

I’m rich

I’m only


I wish I am

What you



Today I am me

No restrains

No complaints

For even though

The world tries

It’s hardest

To suppress


We are free

And if I just think

If you think

We’ll know

Who we are

What we can do

And who we want-

Who we will be.

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