Blue Moon (A Warriors Fanfic)

Riverclan cats are known among cats for those who sit in the lap of luxury. Good food almost all year round, no battles to worry about,no predators, plenty of time for sunbathing and playing. .. It's not a wonder that the other clans refer to them as 'pompous, plump and lazy.'

You could say that it's an unjust stereotype.

This is a book about the life and adventures of a cat who matches none of the criteria above. With the help of her troubled friend and two brothers, she helps an estranged, star-crossed leader, attends elementary school, serves as a spy, gains the favour of a wild Twoleg kit, forms a rebellion with a hamster, and basically ends up in every Code-breaking situation there is.

Who's being lazy now?


4. ■ The Shocking Second Chapter ■


Sparrowpaw tried to hide under his moss nest. There had just been too many faces swirling up and peering at him, commenting and asking and talking until their mouths felt meaningless....

If you hid in the shadows, played an expert game of hide-and-seek, you couldn't be found and other cats just gave up trying to find someone who doesn't do anything anyway.

When you and I are grown, I'll be leader and you the deputy!

Let Reedpaw take the place at the leader's den. Cats only bothered the deputy if something was up with the leader.
Most sane,sensible cats...most cats...all cats not named..

He dug under the blackish material a bit more. The type of moss found on rocks in the in very specific conditions didn't tear as easily as other kinds, if at all.. Sparrowpaw had gathered some for the elders and the tiny nags and then took as much as he could for his own. He kept ruining it with his legs in nightmares- better to wake up in relief on a soft, springy mat than on the floor with the remains of your nest around you like...

As Sparrowpaw did not have many close ones, the dreams were not as bad. If he kept it that way, they would go away and leave him and not come back again, and again, again...

"Sparrowpaw, my brother,are you there?"
"Talk to me,okay? It's scary not knowing you can still meow, okay?"
You much...
"I'm." he croaked. "Not dead."
"Don't talk about death so much, please. I have a water-rat for you."

Reedpaw padded in the den, towards the corner, where his brother and a dirty mat of moss lay curled. Reedpaw wisely stopped a foxlength away and laid the prey in his jaws at his brother's feet. Sparrowpaw didn't say anything, so he turned to leave quietly, dejectedly.

" I didn't have a nightmare last night," he mewed. Reedpaw didn't turn around, only stared hopefully at the wall with his ears pricked. Wanting him to say more. To talk more, uselessly, for no reason, for the sake of emotions, things that last a day, an hour. Sparrowpaw kept silent.

He left.

Sparrowpaw attempted to groom himself. He wasn't lying about the no-nightmares thing- he only dreamed of a weird sort of animal saying things. He never listened to what anybody in dreams said, as they only say bad things. It ended up with cats starting to say bad things, too. He never realized before how many veiled threats they exchanged. So he stopped talking, started moving to quiet places. They were dreamless, they brought real sleep.

He stopped grooming as his heart rate perked up with the thoughts of rest, the one thing he couldn't hold onto for very long...
He ignored the vole and walked slowly, surely to the quietest spot he knew of. The medicine den. To get into there, he must be hurt first...
He crawled awkwardly outside the den.

Moonfur was gossiping with Shellshine who occasionally gave her a playful nudge and hid her face .Eelstripe was with his daughter Rainkit, who was purring animatedly about something when Volepaw sidled over and poked her in the back, making her squeal and leap nearly a foxlength in the air and land square on her father.

Sparrowpaw forcefully looked away and positioned himself outside the medicine den, and gave the quietest and but most demanding whine he could make, which wasn't easy. Hopefully Rainkit wouldn't hear.. she's so loud.
The ceremony....

"Ah! My head hurts...really badly..somebody help? Please...." he slumped.

Sparrowpaw waited... then felt him being lifted, and relief flooded his veins- Blazelight. He grunted and swung him towards his den, the cool relief of his den, with the best moss, and shade, quiet...
"Poppy," Blazelight murmured. He sighed something Sparrowpaw couldn't make out and held a dry seedhead into his vision. Sparrowpaw stuck out his tongue obediently.

"Dont mistake me for an idiot, young paw, I know why you want them," murmured Blazelight. He wasn't making any of his usual jokes and prods, just quietly, resignedly handing them over."Come back at night."
Sparrowpaw nodded meekly and he flopped to the ground, waiting for sleep.

Something warm curled to his side. Sparrowpaw tensed. The something rolled over and yawned and put her head between his paws. Rainkit.....

The poppyseeds worked their magic and he dropped his head, trying to belatedly tell her to shoo...she'll come in his dreams... and die a million times over....
Sparrowpaw forgot about it as he slept soundly. Poppyseeds don't give cats nightmares if given in the right amounts.


Starclan knows what the right amount of poppy seed is.

Sparrowpaw, with the grace of a veteran, nimbly dodged the paws, the pulling grasps of cats in the ground that erupted out of the slimy black grass, trying to tug him in with them, as bones.... The more he ran, the more loose and knobbly his legs got, but if he stopped he'd be pulled in...

There was a spirit so far ahead, that seemed to keep moving away the more he dashed towards it. Sparrowpaw tried to say something, but he would he'd stop sprinting, so stopping was bad, it was dangerous..unless....

With a fluid bound, Sparrowpaw leapt up, as high as he could go. The emaciated paws of a dead cat held his tail, but it whisked free. Not needing to run in the air, he shrieked, "Come back!"
It was right there in front of him, glowing as fiercely as lightning. Sparrowpaw jumped towards it, having never gotten so far before in his life.

A wail of fury sounded. The dead formed a cupped wave of crackling black joints and spindly long feet and dying heads with white eyes and open crying mouths and skins of normal fur being tanned and stretched and cracked and dried as it came towards faster and faster and it blocked the light of the hope in front and

Somebody yelped and the warmness of the light disappeared entirely. He was half aware of being cold.
His eyes rolled open and he blinked rapidly in the light filtering into the den through tiny gaps in the sedge. He started to feel things as he grew more awake.
Someone crouched across from him. The nest was looking beaten up. He was growing colder by the moment. There's a whining feel of hunger in his stomach- which was noteworthy, as Sparrowpaw was usually sick enough after waking to retch at the simple scent of food.

As his eyes started to grow used to the light, the figure in front of him gained sharper edges and leaned forward. Sparrowpaw squinted.
"Having a nightmare?"
"You shrieked. And scratched me." Rainkit sounded a little reproachful. Sparrowpaw could see three long, thin red scores down the side of her head. When she turned slightly, they vanished.
"I was asleep."
"I know. " Rainkit idly looked over his head at the back of the den, apparently inspecting the niches of various dried parts of plants . She was acting rather cool with him- barely like a kit at all.

A quiet pause. Rainkit deemed him worthy enough of her attention to look at him.
"Sorry I did that." It was rather annoying to repeat yourself to somebody when you're telling them a compliment or an apology. Sparrowpaw politely kept his face neutral. It was much as he could do to someone who wasn't being sickly-sweet with him or yelling, even though she was yelling in a way.

Her eyes brightened considerably. "Its okay. I bite myself in my sleep."
"Why?" Is it too much to hope that you're like me?
" I think I'm a fish."
Sparrowpaw had to admit; her perkiness was contagious for him, possibly because he'd never caught the disease before. He got up with some difficulty and mirrored her pose, sitting on his haunches, and pulled a face." Not whitefish?"

Rainkit scrunched up her nose. "Even Graykit wouldnt."
"And he eats everything. Fish, vole, frog, rock, his tail."
"He's still so small. " she sighed. Sparrowpaw only now noticed that she was speaking in rather clipped sentences with him, using as little words as possible. While it wasn't the same as somebody who naturally spoke like that and knew the reason why, at least it was something.

Sparrowpaw stared at Rainkit. She was as big as him despite being two moons the younger. At least she wasn't as big as Thornkit... he seemed to eat half of the fresh-kill in the Clan. How was he going to go through leaf-bare?
Rainkit looked back at him with her eyes narrowed, looking as if she wanted to say something like 'You're odd.'.
Sparrowpaw suddenly wondered if he was really as sullen and dislikable as everybody thought him to be. There was a good chance that at least one or two cats hated him. He felt uncomfortable and shifted a bit.

"I hear pawsteps," Rainkit said, breaking the gaze. "It's Sandmask. Your mentor."



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