Blue Moon (A Warriors Fanfic)

Riverclan cats are known among cats for those who sit in the lap of luxury. Good food almost all year round, no battles to worry about,no predators, plenty of time for sunbathing and playing. .. It's not a wonder that the other clans refer to them as 'pompous, plump and lazy.'

You could say that it's an unjust stereotype.

This is a book about the life and adventures of a cat who matches none of the criteria above. With the help of her troubled friend and two brothers, she helps an estranged, star-crossed leader, attends elementary school, serves as a spy, gains the favour of a wild Twoleg kit, forms a rebellion with a hamster, and basically ends up in every Code-breaking situation there is.

Who's being lazy now?


5. ■ The Adventurous Third Chapter ■

   One might say that from then on Rainkit and Sparrowpaw became friends.

  Their early interactions were something like this:

   Rainkit:  Gonna be an apprentice tomorrow!
Sparrowpaw: *looks up from dirt drawing* *stares*
Rainkit: *heart sinks* Um, okay. I'll talk to Thornkit, then...
Sparrowpaw: No, don't.
Rainkit sits next to him.
Rainkit:  What's this?
Sparrowpaw: The moon.
Rainkit: Why'd you draw it?
Sparrowpaw:  *assumes don't-see-you expression* *draws more, hiding it from Rainkit*
Rainkit rolls her eyes, attempts to look at his drawing.
Sparrowpaw quickly erases it.
Quiet for a while.
Sparrowpaw looks up. Rainkit has left.

   And then it turned into something like this:

   Rainkit: *plops next to Sparrowpaw* Ceremony tomorrow.
Sparrowpaw: Yours?
Rainkit: Me,Graykit,Thornkit.
Sparrowpaw nods.
Sparrowpaw: I drew the moon.
Rainkit: There's blood moons, blue moons, and ...dirt moons
Sparrowpaw actually thinks that almost-joke was funny. He perks up.
Sparrowpaw: *shows her something else he drew*
Rainkit reads her name  under the drawing and proceeds to draw a very bad sun.
Sparrowpaw adds his name.
A companionable silence forms and they just doodle aimlessly.
Thornkit: Hey Rainkit! Didn't you hear that our ceremonies are tomor............................Okay, I'll just go and talk to Reedkit?
Rainkit shows no response.
Thornkit walks away, amused.

   It took a lot of coaxing and sulking on both parts for them to start another conversation like the one they had in the medicine den that day.
'There's nothing like the first meeting,' Eelstripe had said to her on some occasions.  "It either sparks you with excitement and you flow like water, or you interact like two wary snakes and exchange blows one after the other until you both calm down and see the light." Perhaps, in his poetic moment, he had not noticed that his daughter was a darn kit and would rather play hide-and-seek than listen to romantic statements.

   Nevertheless, she listened,  even though she applied it to everybody she 'interacted' with . Each cat had their own statement, and they all were 'flows like water'- except Sparrowpaw.

    It still felt a little strange when she realized that she was friends with the least friendly cat in the Clan.
When she heard his cries at night, she knew she had to do something about it as her duty as a friend- his first one.  Did he have them as a kit? She didn't really notice his at all in his early days... Were they getting less frequent, or worse? He didn't always cry out, and recently Sparrowpaw had been started on poppyseeds at night. It sent him in a deeper sleep usually with no dreams, which should have been a good thing, right? But he could so used to poppy that he wouldn't live without it...

   All those things surfaced in Rainkit's mind as she watched the apprentice den from the entrance of her own. She couldn't sleep at all. It was something quietening to be alone and awake very early in the night to normal cats whose names were not Sparrowpaw. The empty camp looked fragile and insignificant faced with the sun rising over the faint Highstones. It made her feel temporary. Like Sparrowpaw's nightmares.

   If she didn't stop thinking about Sparrowpaw she would be here until she was a warrior. To a kit the thought of being a warrior lied in with 'someday in the really distant future'.

   Rainkit neatly folded a leg under her chest and shifted onto her side as the first rays of sunlight gave the sky a blue tint and chased away the darkness. The cool morning air off water came floating silently down to the camp and settled like a thin but wide invisible blanket. Behind her somebody stirred as the cold began to settle.
Rainkit twisted her neck to look back at the newly awoken Graykit. His yäw was still partially showing as he stared blearily at his larger sister. "Uh?"
"Go to sleep," she told him softly,  trying not to disrupt anybody else.

  Too late. Graykit dropped to his haunches and inconveniently sat on Thornkit, who sneezed and jolted to his paws. After five minutes, they were sitting together with Graykit in the middle as usual.

  Thornkit looked in danger of dropping off, Graykit yawned constantly and Rainkit just grumped silently while the day waxed on. At one point Minnowmist distastefully poked his nose out into the cold and just as quickly withdrew it.
Rainkit was idly staring at a warbling nightingale  when she became aware that Graykit was mumbling something to her.

   "...thing about Eaglestar," he mewed sleepily.
"What?" Thornkit echoed.
"I wanna... say some...thing about Eaglestar!" his voice started to rise in accordance with his temper.
"Say," Rainkit whispered.
"He's going to meet Fawnstar at Fourtrees." Graykit cooled a bit.

   Thornkit jerked his head up." Who told you?"
"Heard it from Reedpaw when he came back from the Gathering, saying to Sparrowpaw. Probably they'll go to find out."
"Would that be now?" Rainkit breathed. The two tomkit's necks almost cricked in their conquest to collectively stare at the apprentice den.

   Reedkit marched out, looking imperious. He spoke apparently firmly to a retiring shadow behind him, who only slunk out after there was no sign of any other cat in the vicinity.

   Rainkit kneaded the floor in silent fury.

   Pebblepaw attempted to come after them, only to be cowed by Reedpaw. He backed into the den, and without further ado, the two brothers turned and strode lightly towards the gap in the sedge that was the exit. Well, Reedpaw strode lightly. Sparrowpaw just pressed himself to the floor and crawled like a bug which would be funny in other circumstances.

   The three kits listened anxiously for their footsteps, and once they receded started murmuring (Thornkit) gasping (Graykit) and growling softly (Rainkit).
"Leaving without permission? To snoop on Eaglestar's business? " Graykit squeaked
"Eaglestar is just begging for a snooping," Rainkit said. "Out of all cats, Fawnstar? She's too sensible even if she sounds silly when she talks. "
"That doesn't mean they can watch!"
" Why are you so defensive?"
"Why are am I defensive? Why do you spend so much time with Sparrowpaw?"
" Because he's not okay in the head...... And don't tell him I told you." Rainkit deadpanned.
" ........Oh. Oh. Oh my Starclan. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have-"
"Why don't we all follow them?"

The two bickering kit's attention quickly snapped to Thornkit. He was peering idly into the cloudless sky and turned to look at them when they stared at him.
" Why don't we all follow them? They're already in trouble, so we won't be."
As thoughtful and firm Thornkit sounded, to an adult that would sound like the worst excuse ever made.  It even beats 'The dog ate my homework, sir'. 'Oh, we just followed these two other significantly more sensible cats and since they did it first you can't do anything to us! ' Very smooth.

Too bad Rainkit and Graykit were kits, and bored and outraged kits make a terrible combination- maybe not for them,  but certainly for the rest of the Clan(s).

Rainkit stared at the currents in the monstrous river. The smallest was big enough to sweep them away, and she didn't really want to think about the biggest.

Graykit and Thornkit appeared to be having the same technical difficulties. They nosed around uncertainly in the tall,shadowy, wet grass and every now and then watched the river with some apprehension. They knew how to swim and were used to the feel of water, as there was a pool near the nursery in which they paddled every day. That patch of water didn't have strong kit-drowning currents or sudden  terrifying waves that drenched them and sent them running for cover.

They had never been out of camp before. The security of many adults watching over you suddenly didn't seem like such a detestable thing after all. One of them voiced the problem that they were afraid to ask.
"How are we going to.." Thornkit let the question hang in the air.
Graykit squeaked when some water lapped at his paws. "I- I've heard Shadewater meow about some rocks in the river other Clan cats use to cross. But they're slippery and they're somewhere...."

  "Here!" Rainkit triumphantly. Past a thick growth of weeds, a cleared spot showed the five stones that disrupted the even flow of the river. Water splashed against their sides and wet them every now and then. They were rather widely spaced for a kit.

  Without prompting, Thornkit leaped gracelessly onto  the first and yelped as he nearly fell sideways.  He twisted- his paws scabbled and caught on the surface and  he struggled up,  tail swaying rigidly. His siblings only gaped, frozen through the entire ordeal.
Graykit took more convincing and nimbly leapt across each without too much difficulty. He still proclaimed the journey as 'terrifying' and just pushed his nose into Thornkit's fur.

   Now it was Rainkit's turn. While her brothers yelled supportively from the other side, she wondered exactly how she was supposed to land on the smooth surface without falling and being swept away with the fish.
Then she remembered why she came out here in the first place. If she tarried too long she would miss Eaglestar, and Reedpaw and Sparrowpaw would come back and see her, and the cats back at camp would yell for her and organize a searching patrol...

  She jumped. .. and nearly overshot.
Her feet landed with a light whump on the first rock and she froze, staring the very close water and her front paws slowly started to slip sideways. Backing up for a firmer hold on the slimy stone,  she jumped again and sorta splat against the second stone. The air whooshed out of her in a heartbeat and Thornkit and Graykit let out a strangled yelp.

   The next rock she slipped and did a weird dance before managing to get a grip. After that it turned relatively uneventful and she reached the other side without too much mishap.

It occured to them that they had just left their home and were on Thunderclan territory.  The trees shadowed everything and leered over the kits. The grass here was not as light and soft-edged as their own. Before long Graykit was whimpering and limping with cuts all over his pads, and they were forced to stop and lick them and awkwardly carry him as often as possible.

It was obvious that Thornkit felt miserable. He was the one who had decided on this far-fetched journey to a destination they didn't even know how to get to, for something they may as well have missed. His head was drooping except when he was holding his brother and he just plodded along the border, hoping it would lead him there.
Rainkit was about to gloomily suggest they go back when something cracked a twig.

They all jumped and instinctively backed up until they were facing all directions.
There was no other sound except for the calling of a sparrow. Rainkit's hackles suddenly rose- there was something profoundly wrong about the sound- it was higher pitched and faster than normal.
" Run," she hissed, her ears flat.
Thornkit opened his mouth when a bush shuddered.
"Run! RUN!"

   Nobody needed to be asked any more times. Graykit shot off in the direction that they had been plodding in, his paw complaints forgotten. Thornkit bolted after him so fast that he almost tread on his tail and Rainkit  followed hot-foot until-

"Rainkit!" somebody called out . Her first instinct was to believe that it was Fawnstar or some similar adult who could save them from this hell, and immediately wheeled around and ran back to her former postion,  feeling a little relieved. At least they'd be out of scary Thunderclan, and she'd never,ever go outside ever, never again...

Her relief got stepped on and thrown in the dirt as she looked into the cold face of


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