Found You At Last...

A girl who doesn't think she fits in, but a guy comes along and reminds her she just needs to be herself.


1. Why can't I fit in?

     My name is Savannah... I'm in high school, but I don't feel like I fit in. All my friends have boyfriends or girlfriends...but me. I always feel lonely and unloved. Also my ex cheated on me with my best friend. No one ever asks me to hang out or anything more. I am bullied because of being pretty and smart. I'm also bullied because many girls get jealous because a fair amount of guys go for me because i'm very caring and will do things like their homework, i'm a very shy and nice 14 year old girl.

     I have played the drums for almost 4 years now, but people tell me, "You can't drum good because you're a girl and drumming is for boys." I also like to skateboard....people say I can't do anything that guys do because I am a girly girl. But it just depends on my mood, I can be many things. For instance, I can be a tom boy, girly girl or even a country girl. I am in the 9th grade, just starting high school and it is very hard... And having bad depression/anxiety doesn't help at all.

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