Desire is Not Weakness

How does Draco sort out his feelings for Hermione Granger with an impending war? Students at Hogwarts are on edge, but will he be able to contain himself?


11. Running



A girl as calculating as Hermione Granger should have panicked should have told Draco that the idea of running away together was impossible and idiotic.  But, she got lost in his stormy grey eyes and scruffy blonde hair.  Hermione did search for a hint, though, anything in his eyes that would alert her that he was joking, but not one presented itself.

“I can’t …”

“I know.”

“Then why -” she started, confused.

“I needed to get the thought out of my head.  It wasn’t going away until you rejected the idea yourself.”

Running would give them an escape from their problems temporarily, but the issues they were running from would catch up.

“We have to fight.”

“We’re fighting for different things,” he said, numbly.

“Why are we fighting at all?  We’re separated by blood …”

“And you think your bloody precious Hogwarts is any better?”

“Hogwarts … is a fine institution that -”

“Hogwarts separates young witches and wizards into houses based on the ideas of founders that lived millennia ago.  You separate young witches and wizards, easily influenced ones at that, by the ideals that their parents have forced on them.  You put a bunch of people so similar like that together and they start to feel superior.  Do you think dark wizards are made after graduation, Hermione?  No, Hogwarts breeds them.”

“Personal testament, is that?” she challenged.

“You’re doing it, just there!  I can’t change my family, I can’t change my decisions, but you and your Gryffindor posse walk around with your noses in the air as if you’re so much better.  We all have different ideas about what disgraces a magical name, and you are just the start.”

“You have done nothing to prove that you don’t deserve that.  It’s a small price to pay for years of torment …”

“I apologized,” Draco said as if he were a small school child again.  Hermione simply pursed her lips.  “And I’ll be damned if an insufferable little -”

“But, did you mean it?” she said quietly.  Then, she ran.  Not away with Draco, away from Draco, away from everyone.  He ran, too, he ran after her.  When she stopped, he stopped.

“Why are you running?” he asked softly.

“Why are we fighting?”



So, this is the end of my small chapter spam. I have to work on updating my other story (A Secret is Meant to Be Kept). If you haven't read it, please go check it out, BUT ONLY READ TO LIKE CHAPTER 15, THE REST IS CURRENTLY AWFUL AND THE PRODUCT OF CRINGY LITTLE 13 YEAR-OLD ME. The plotline is exactly the same, but it's going to be written better and I have about 40 chapters to go before new material is even made so hope you guys understand that my priority lies there. But, Dramione is my favorite ship ever so fear not, I'll return to this story soon, probably when I lose inspiration to edit the cringe-fest anymore.

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