Desire is Not Weakness

How does Draco sort out his feelings for Hermione Granger with an impending war? Students at Hogwarts are on edge, but will he be able to contain himself?


10. Away


You could say that there are monsters inside of every one of us.  You could say that nothing is too pure as to not be corrupted by some form of darkness, but you’d be lying.  As much as Draco hated to admit it, Hermione Granger was a daisy in a field of thorns.  She had every opportunity to succumb to the darkness, and yet, she remained by Potter’s side.  And for what?  Friendship?  

To his surprise, not one person had come to collect him or Granger.  They had remained on the ground, surrounded by an ever-increasing amount of water that continuously spewed from the sink beside them.  He’d be damned if he couldn’t feel Granger’s eyes burning a permanent indentation in the mark that already stained his skin.

“Never once … never once did any of us give you a reason to do this.  Your father …” Hermione’s voice shook.

“My father is a coward.  He took the mark because it was expected him -”

“And you took it for a laugh?”

“He would have -”

“He would have killed you.  Your father expected you -”

“It’s not that easy, Granger,” Draco got out through gritted teeth.

“It is that easy, Draco,” she sat up quickly.

“What would you have done, then?” he shouted, and as his body sat up, he became stiff, a familiar numbness returning to his body.

“I would have died.  I would have let him kill me!  I would die before serving him, serving what he stands for.”

“I’d like to believe my reasons weren’t selfish.  My mother -”

“Your mother is not a Death Eater, Draco,” Hermione stated, coldly.

“We’re all going to die, anyway.  Everyone except for him,” Draco said quietly.

“We have a chance, Harry is -” Draco shook his head and put a hand out to stop her.  

“Going to save you all?  He’s not your bloody messiah!”

“What chance do you have here, Draco?”

“You’re going to lose everything, don’t you understand that!” he whimpered.  “You narrow-minded heroes … He isn’t going to stop until he gets to Potter and if you think for a minute that he’s going to spare the life of a … muggleborn, then you’re kidding yourself,” he struggled to complete his thought.

“A, B, C, muggleborn,” Hermione said, softly.

“The term is insignificant, Granger.”

“It’s vile,” she said, raising her eyebrows and pursing her lips.

“This is a war!”

“I humor myself … pretend it’s not happening.  Things don’t seem as real for a while.”

“It used to be easier than this.  I could torment you without feeling a shred of remorse,” he said, numbly.

“Draco …”

“I can’t, Hermione.  This doesn’t change anything,” he said, suddenly scrambling to get out of the bathroom, as if he had just realized his current location.

“Draco, wait!” she cried out, attempting to stand without slipping in the water.  He ignored her and continued to the door.  She grabbed his left arm and spun him back towards her.

"It doesn't mean anything." She said, gesturing to the mark. He looked down at her, as she traced the mark with her finger.  Draco had considered pulling away, but there a small voice in the back of his telling him not to move.  He was pulled out of his own head when a pair of lips landed on his own, and he could feel a strange warmth overtake his body completely.  There they stayed momentarily, but when they disappeared, Draco was left with a feeling of sublime contentment that was being fought with a despairing feeling of pure loss.  He did not think, but he did speak only a simple phrase.

“Run away with me.”


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