Writing Wars (Between The 3 Believers)

Hi it'z Camz / Jaze / Demal here! We will be making a writing wars! We will be choosing different fan fictions and doing a humorous writing competition!

Camz - Neverland and Harry Potter

Jaze - Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles

Demal - Hunger Games and Divergent


2. Attack On The Brave - Demal

Chapter 2: Attack On The Brave - Demal


Katniss paced around the room with her bow and arrows ready, ready to fire at anyone. Peeta sat down eating bread and well, no surprise there. I sat down with a helium balloon just playing around with it.

“Well!?” Shouted Katniss all the sudden. “We won’t just sit here! We have to fight! We could die any minute!” I sucked in some helium air and let my pip squeak voice make others laugh.

“Well you see Kitty Kat, we are waiting for more of our reinforcements to arrive.” I say in a mocking voice at her. Tris appears out of nowhere with Tobias. “Go away you love birds, this is war, we don’t love people during a war!” I shout at them. Tris’s eyes turn cold and Tobias looks away trying to avoid the fight.

“Fine, if we can’t ‘love’ people, then what can we do? Wait here, if you haven’t noticed we are almost called dead, we can only fight hand to hand, what’s your thoughts huh!?” I smirk at her and instantly I’m at her with a dagger pushing into her throat.

“Oh if I told you, then what is a surprise?” I whisper into her ear as she tries to wiggle away. Releasing her to fall to the ground I walk around looking for answers. All the sudden.

“PANCAKES!” Someone yells from the outside. What the hell? All of us rush outside in time to see thousands and thousands of pancakes being slung at us. I smirked and that eventually turned into a laugh. Pancakes? Is that the best Camz can do to us? Everyone burst out laughing and opened their arms for breakfast. The first pancake landed on Peeta’s face and he screamed out in pain.

“IT’S BURNING! DON’T TOUCH THEM!” He yelled as he removed the pancake from his face showing a bright red face. Everyone rushed inside, well everyone but President Snow. He stood out there with a cocktail handkerchief around his neck and a plate full of butter, syrup, and jelly. When he came back he had 35 pancakes and a face burn.

“WORTH IT!” He shouted and handed everyone 3 pancakes. Yes I know, there are like 13 of us left. Hey! I have anger issues. Right now I can’t worry about that at the moment. Looks like Camz wasn’t done with us yet, at least 50 fairies flew straight towards us. I know I love fairies and all of that but, right now it is life or death. Running down to our secret bunker I motion for everyone to follow me.

“GET DOWN!” Right as I yell that there is an explosion of glass and hot pancakes. Everyone but me got burned and from the impact got knocked out. Standing up like nothing happened I snorted to myself. Wimps.


I know it is a ‘little’ violent but hey, that’s life. - Demal

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