It's Just Me

This is a sort of Q&A type thing, I might also just write stuff about me on here sometimes. You guys don't really know much about me, so here's your chance to find out...


4. I'm going to try to do

An author confession type thing most days, till the end of the year at least


Questions are always welcome! :)




So, today:


I love to write, but I love music too

I love writing, and have always wanted to write an epic book or a super cool poem or something,

but I feel like I really want to direct and act in movies

Even though I have zero real experience in both of those fields

I just have this thing whith music and the characters, and when a scene happens you feel a certain mood

It's just perfect

but you can't do that in a book

I've been trying to make movies for a while, and me and my friend are going to try to make one soon

We'll see how all that works out


Thanks for reading and stuff, ask a question if you want

I hope you got to know me a little better, thanks again


-Limited Wonders-

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