It's Just Me

This is a sort of Q&A type thing, I might also just write stuff about me on here sometimes. You guys don't really know much about me, so here's your chance to find out...


3. Have you ever been in a traumatic accident?



I’ve never been in a car accident or anything like that,

But I’ve had several instances where I did something not quite intelligent

And it ended up in me being injured


Some of the memorable ones would be the times I messed up my head,

and the time I broke my collarbone


I always say I broke my head, but I’m pretty sure

I didn’t actually fracture my skull

I just busted up my head I guess, and it was really bad

I did it in three places, in two different states


When I was in colorado, I think I fell off a chair or something

In Virginia, I think one time involved me and chairs, again

The time I remember the most is when I was in a department store,

I was running around and stuff, I was pretty young still, in elementary school,

I slipped or tripped or something and my head hit on of those metal blue carts on the corner




I was grateful though, even though my favorite hoodie was covered in blood,

The transformer toy in my pocket was okay and I never had to get stitches

Any of the times I messed up my head

They just glued my head and stuff


Needless to say I don’t go around the blue carts in Lowes anymore




One of the other times, as I said, was when I broke my collar bone

Which is terrible btw


It was winter in first grade

I was sledding at the back of my elementary school

The snow was pretty good, and we were having fun

But, you see, there was a manhole on the hill

So, naturally, we had to make it into a ramp

It was not safe




It was actually going okay for a while, but then again,

The longer you do something without an accident, the greater the probability

That you’re about to have one, right?

Well, it was right in this case

I was sledding and I went of the ramp and-

I always say I hit a tree but I don’t know if it was that, or if I just hit the ground


Anyway, it hurt, and I had broken bones before so I knew what it felt like

I walked up to my parents and told them I broke a bone










I eventually convinced them that I was at least hurt,

So they brought me back to a friend’s house

And they tried to take my shirt off, which was a bad idea


(Slightly gross warning)

(Reader discretion advised)


Whenever they tried to take my shirt off, my collar bone would stab me inside

Yeah, sorry


Anyway, they finally ended up getting me to a hospital a long time later, when I had convinced them that I actually had broken it,

I got a sling and I had to wear it everywhere

I had my arm underneath my shirt for a month-ish and I couldn’t go to recess

It was almost my birthday when it happened too, I think it might have been a week before or

something like that, so I have pictures of me blowing out candles and opening presents with my arm in a sling underneath my Star Wars shirt




Awesome, thanks for the question and I hope I get more soon


-Limited Wonders-


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