The Stupid Dare


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"Come on Alisa, don't be a buzz kill." Sonya said with a pout but deep down, I could see the cold look she was giving me. She had her arms tightly wrapped around a guy who looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't quite place my finger on it, and he was holding the thing that Sonya was forcing me to eat. Bitch, you just want to embarrass me, like you always do.

"That's fine, I already had two drinks for the first time, we don't want a pot brownie do we now Sonya? You know how people get when they do these kind of things in movies." I stated as nicely as I could and her 'smile' dropped.

"Hey Sonya, if she doesn't want a brownie, then don't force the poor girl." he said and gave me a smile that made me cringe.

"Don't you dare call me a poor girl. I have morals unlike all these whores in this party." I scowled and it was his turn to do the smirking.

"So why come to a party if you don't want to get wasted? Doesn't seem to add up if you ask me." he reasoned in a cocky way and I scoffed.

"What so a person can't come to a party to just dance and have fun? Do all parties have to involve slutty outfits and sex and drugs?" I backfired and his smirk grew wider if that was even possible. Boy, if I could just slap the look off your face, I would.

"That's what parties are for aren't they?"

"No, they're for people who have no self-respect and try and fit in." I stretched the last few words and I saw his eye twitch a little. I could see that he wanted to say more by the deathly stare he giving me which would've intimidated me a bit if I actually gave a damn, but since I didn't care whatsoever, I just smiled sweetly at him.

"Wow Alissa, you've had two drinks and you're still the same. Huh, no surprise." she said and my fists tightened a bit. Before I had time to think, I grabbed two or three brownies and started shoving them down my throat. I would've actually thought these were normal brownies because they tasted the same, but the feeling that kicked in made me know different.

Sonya laughed and traced her fingers on the guy's chest and looked up at him with dopey eyes.

"Wanna get out of here babe?" she seductively said but him and I were having a death stare contest. When I heard Sonya called him babe, an eyebrow of mine raised. I thought she was with Jeremy, the supposedly hottest and most popular guy at our school. I could see Sonya's patience wearing thin as he wasn't paying any attention, then an idea popped into my mind.

Before I could overthink this through, I swiftly grabbed at the guys collar and my lips met his. I could feel his body go rigid for a millisecond, then I could feel the smirk on his lips as he loosened up. As soon as he placed a hand on my ass, that's when I moved away and wiped any disgusting saliva off my mouth. I smirked when I saw Sonya's shocked and pissed off face and an also shocked but embarrassed look on the guy's face. He also had a hand covering his jeans for reasons that I did not want to know and also disgusted me.

"Two can play at your little game Sonya." I saluted and grabbed the last two brownies then stuffed it down before walking off like a boss. I felt my heartbeat slow down when I got to the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen counter top for support. I felt a little lighted headed now and quietly cussed myself.

Why did I have to show off again? Damn you Alissa and your stubborn brain.

I felt myself go rigid as soon as I felt a hand go on my lower back.

"What is a girl like you doing her by yourself at a party like this?" I heard a guy whisper into my ear which made me recoil.

"Obviously avoiding dickheads like you." I said and moved away to the kitchen sink to hopefully avoid him. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was coming towards me and I sighed.

I got to admit, he was pretty good looking, but his personality put me off. I could tell he was one of those guy's that banged any chick he walked passed then chuck them away once he was done with them, and no way was I going to get myself involved in that shit.

"Oh babe, trust me, once we're alone in a room, instead of me being a dickhead, your head will be on my dick." He said and licked his lips whilst looking at my rack. I knew what I was wearing was a bad idea. Why couldn't I stick with a plain summer dress or a maxi dress?

I snapped out of my thoughts when I realised I was being dragged by the guy and panic cascaded in me for a swift second.

"Let go of me you freak." I screamed and he just laughed and tightened his grip on my wrist.

"Babe, you're just turning me on even more." He said with lust in his eyes. Then I did what I thought would be the best idea. I kicked him where the sun didn't shine. Pain flashed through his eyes as he bent over and started coughing. He still had a hand on my wrist and it was loose now so I took the opportunity and bolted.

Weaving through the crowd of sweaty grinding bodies, I didn't dare look back now as I still felt he was too close. But when I got far enough near the 'hallway of sex', I decided to take a peek. Looking back for a swift second, my heart dropped when I saw him coming towards me with pure anger on his face. With my heartbeat pumping like lightning, I turned to get ready to run in a random room only to bump into someone.

"I'm so sorry." I muttered and tried to move around whoever the person was but they were blocking my path. I kept trying to move around but they still kept blocking my way.

"What the hell bro." I cussed and looked up with a pissed off look it was soon replaced with something between shock and surprise when I saw the guy I kissed staring down at me with a smirk.

"Well, what a surprise to see you here Alissa." He smirked and I was to speak but he cut me off.

"I don't think we were finished back then, what do you reckon?" He intimidated with his arms crossed and grey eyes staring me down. I gulped and started to feel a bit nervous. What the hell Alissa? Why are you so nervous for? This isn't you you prick. It's probably just the man whore whose chasing you. Yeah, that's it.

"Listen to me idiot, as you can see here, I'm not in the mood to play your games because I am busy running away from idiot number two a few metres behind me because guess what? I am leaving this party as a virgin. No way am I losing my virginity to some fuck boy who has no feelings. Now, what do you reckon?" I scowled back fiercely and surprise was evident in his features.

"Who are you running away from?" He asked but he didn't seem the least bit worried, just curious.

"None of your damn business." I froze when I felt someone grab my wrist and tried to yank me away.

"You're going to pay you bitch." I heard him growl and I gulped. I was ready to scream but stopped when I felt someone grab my other hand and harshly but carefully pull me away and push me behind him. I looked to see who it was and saw that it was grey eyes.

"What the fuck Adam? Stay the fuck away from my girl." He sneered and I was about to do something like I don't know, slap grey eyes across the head like he was crazy for saying I was his girlfriend? But at least I knew Idiot number two's name was Adam.

"Your girl? YOUR GIRL? Nice one Blake, but she's mine." Adam growled and I cringed. Blake huh? That was an okay name.

"Stop taking girls for granted dickhead. Not every girl wants you." Blake challenged and the smirk on Adam's face dropped.

"Keep saying that Blake and I will tell your girl what kind of person you really are."The hand that was holding mine stiffened which made me freeze. The two guys had a one on one stare with each other for who knows how long and for some reason, my attention seemed to be fixated on them. Not the loud music that was blasting, or the hot sticky air that seemed to roam around the large room, or the hot sweaty bodies jumping up and down against each other, but to the two guys who were in a heated fight. When the tension was strong enough to make a person with no emotions scream with agony, Adam finally broke the gaze and stared at me with a smirk.

"Don't worry Blake, once you break her heart, I'll be there." He saluted me with a wink and it didn't sound so comforting... more, worrying. When Adam had completely disappeared, I let out a deep breath I didn't realising I had been holding but I was still alert. I felt like saying something to Blake, but the environment seemed very uncomfortable and he still had a hand wrapped tightly around my wrist. Just when I was about to pull away, I ended up being pulled by him through the hallway. I really couldn't be bothered arguing with him as he had just been through one and it was a waste of my breathe so I let him lead me to the end of the hallway in front of a door that stood by itself from other peoples. For some reason, I had not seen anyone go into this room to do it then leave. Only in the other fricken five hundred rooms in this massive house.

So why the hell did Blake feel the need to feel superior and let himself in?

I got to admit, I was a bit curious to see what was in this room but I was also scared that Blake took the thought that saving my ass meant he could play with it. Bitch please, if you dare touch me, I will personally use my Karate moves on you that my dad had taught me when I was young.

He closed the door behind him then let go of my hand before running a hand through his hair with his eyes closed.

"You know how much shit you just put me in?" He yelled at me with his arms in the air and my eyes widened. Okay, what a dick, now I'm pissed off. And when it comes to pissed off Alissa, there is no stopping what comes out of her mouth, and with alcohol running through my veins, he was going to get the bark and the bite.

"You know what Drake or Blake or whatever you are, listen to me you selfish good for nothing dick looking prick. I don't remember at all telling you to save my ass alright? I had everything under control but no, you had to go out of your way and be a dickhead and put me in more danger? Like honestly, what the fuck? I'm an individual human being and I don't need and pussy magnet man whore like you in it, got it?" I practically yelled. I could tell my face had gone red from the anger and the yelling and I felt somehow satisfied know that I had pissed him off with the look on his face. So I smirked.

"You might be an individual but doesn't mean you're a strong one." He yelled and the smirk instantly wiped off.

"What?" I scowled with my arms and he must've realised that he'd gotten to me because he moved closer to me with a smirk.

"You're a weak person." He slowly stretched and moved even closer to intimidate me more.

"I.AM.NOT." I gritted and tightened my fist. Deep breaths Alissa.

"Oh yes you are Alissa. You couldn't keep up with anyone. Not even me." He challenged and kept an eye on me to watch my reaction. He was less than an arms length apart and something came to my mind. When I made out with him. I could feel my brain turning and I softly smirked before doing something I knew I'd hate but wouldn't regret.

I closed the gap and captured my lips with his. He reacted exactly the same as before as I'd expected and I could tell he was probably confused at my sudden act. So I tried to play it cool. I softly bit his lip which made him shudder in the slightest bit.

"You're right. It's hard for me to keep up with people." I whispered and I could instantly feel his smirk against my lips which made me want to gag. If there was one thing every fuck boy had in common, it was they always had to be the upper hand. The king, the right one, the one who could do whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want. And me being stupid Alissa Courtman, who acted before thinking a lot of the times, decided I'd give him a taste of his own medicine by having a one night stand with him then completely leave him like the teenage dirt bag he was. But that was the alcohol talking.


WOOHOO!! First chapter O.F.F.I.C.I.A.L.L.Y published!!!!

And yass my bookworm bud buds, Chloe Bennet my mainzzz is Alissa!!!

But if you want, you can pick whatever character you wish to play Alissa :)

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