Disney Land Destiel Fanfiction

Based on a picture I saw online, gonna have a slight twist and shout feel to it, so be prepared for feels


2. I hate you, I love you.

Castiel's P.O.V. 

     Well this is going to be...interesting. School ended less than a week ago and my older brother Michael decided that I need to get a job over the summer so I could 'learn to be responsible.' I am the most responsible person in that household. Anyway, I recently got a job at Disney Land as a new Queer Prince named Clarence from their new movie Twist and Shout. I don't want to take time explaining it. It's an odd movie...i'm still not sure how they can play it for kids with that much death. I finished putting my costume on and finally was able to meet the man that I would be working with all summer. "The names Dean Winchester. Looks like i'm your partner in crime this summer." He says. He extend his hand for a handshake, and I take his hand in mine. We make eye contact, and I swear iv'e seen them before. His voice sounded familiar too...I put in the back of my head. Chances are i'm going to be hearing his voice a lot more this summer. His hair is a light brown almost blonde color, his skin is tanner than mine, but still pale, with light freckles scattered across his face, and his eyes are the greenest thing in the world. 'I think I have an actual crush on this man...' 'Shut up brain!' "My name is Castiel. I'm sure you know that by now." I introduce nervously. "Can I call you Cas? Its a lot easier to remember." he asks. "Yes, you may. But we will need to call each other the characters names during work." I respond. "Alright then, Clarence." he says turning his back. He walks out the door leaving me with a blush on my face, his voice and his face implanted permanently in my mind. "This is going to be a long summer..." I think out loud. "What was that Clarence?" He pokes his head back in the doorway. "N-nothing!"

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