Suicide Squad X

"Captain. Avengers. I think it's time I introduced you to someone...or rather someones."
"Oh some more friends you didn't care to tell us about?? I'm starting to doubt our friendship Director. And I was this close to making you a friendship bracelet."
"You just love listening to yourself talk, don't you Mr. Stark??"
"So whose the unlucky bastards??"
"Well Mr. Barton, to the US militia...they go by the name Task Force 303, but to us, well...we just call them the Suicide Squad."


3. 01 | Introducing



"Suicide Squad." Tony's voice dripped with harsh teasing sarcasm as he bit his lip to prevent the flee of the laugh that so desperately wanted to escape his belly.

"Yes Mr. Stark." Agent Maria Hill's voice spoke out, causing all lingering eyes on the director to shift over to her appearance.

"So who or what are they supposed to be?? We were under the radar for less than 2 months." Natasha spoke out confused and slightly angered at the fact that she once again was kept in the dark from another one of Fury's secrets.

"Seems like you have a hobby for bringing circus freaks together and making a team out of them." Tony chuckled out dryly while leaning back in his chair even more. Stark's words caused a wave of glares to burn into all directions of his body, obviously forgetting to not use the term 'freaks' so loosely.

"We prefer the term 'super advanced beings' but if that's the word you would like to use to describe the situation Mr. Stark then by all means do...I just suggest not using it around them." Hill responded with just as much dryness causing a short glare from Tony. 

"So, 'super advanced beings' huh? They all got some kind of weird powers or something?"  the Director reverted his gaze from the bickering two to Scott.

"Not exactly Mr. Lang. Some of them can work the super part, but most of them are working with the advanced part." Hill cut of her glare with Stark to answer Scott's question for Fury.

"What's that supposed to mean?" The Captain finally spoke up after the long silence he had held since the news had been given.

"She means that they aren't all like Ms. Maximoff over her Captain Rogers, that a good portion are in fact, like you."

"Oh so they're special because of some little experiment in a bottle?" Tony's harsh sarcastic comment making Roger glare at him quick.

"Keep in mind Mr. Stark, you're sitting with an arc reactor in your chest. Don't try to act like your the only person here who hasn't gone through a lab test."  All heads turned towards the 6 figure that stood in the doorway of the meeting room.

Stark glared intensely at the tall Korean man who stood out among the 6 in the doorway. 

"Who the hell are you?" Tony's voice boomed out defensively, obviously upset over the harsh comment made about his chest.

"I did not mean to offend you Mr Stark-"

"please, Jomei there is no need to apologize or explain yourself. It's refreshing to find someone who can get to Tony for a change." Fury's voice rang out cutting Jomei off.

Tony began to open his mouth again but was quickly cut short by Steve swatting him in the back of the head.

"Avengers. I'd like to introduce you to the team I've been telling you all about. Meet Avery Fox, a.k.a Ava, formally educated chemical engineer, she can blow up anything that stands. Mathias Andrews, we call him Tank, heavy weapons specialist, anything you need to punch a bullet through, he's your guy. Roach Adams, Ro, former SAS soldier, expert on close quarters knife combat, could kill a damn fly from 10 meters away using a butter knife. Jomei Kantang,short form Jo, martial arts specialist, guys like a personal Jackie Chan. Daniel-John Carter, nicknamed Dj, computer hack specialist, kind of like a smarter and more liked version of Tony. And finally Oceana Alexander, commonly known as 'O', expert on hand-to-hand combat as well as spiritual quantum physics." Fury pointed to each of the 6 while he introduced them.

The avengers studied the team carefully, trying to comprehend all the information given to them.

"I thought you said they had abilities? Aren't those just degrees and hobbies?" Natasha spoke out confused, the rest of the team looking at Fury in the same questioning manner.

Natasha's question made the Director's mouth turn upwards slightly before he slowly spoke out in amusement.

"Follow me." 








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