Trust Issues

It started out as secret meetings. But led to something more. Fond out what happens when Sam's(Samantha) big secret gets spread around the entire school. What will happen between her and her not so secret friend. Will she ever trust another guy again. Or will she let her self fall for another guy and then get burned again. Find out in Trust Issues.


11. Chapter 11

Hey guys!!!! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I was so busy with finals in school and then I went on vacation but I am back and I am so excited to start updating again.  I am going to updating some of my other books to so go check those out!!!!


Calums POV:

I didn't want to just assume that she wanted me to lay with her so I started to walk down to the living room to sleep on the couch.  

"No Calum this is your house I will sleep on the floor.  You can have your bed."  She started to get down off the bed and onto the floor.  I already had pulled out a blanket for me to take down to the couch, but Sam came over and took it from my hands.  She laid down on the floor and started to fall asleep. 

"No.  Sam get up you are not sleeping on the floor." I said "Get up I will sleep on the floor, you can sleep in my bed.  It is fine I swear Sam.  Just please get off the floor."  

She looked at me as if to say 'Are you sure?'  I just looked at her and motioned for her to lay on the bed.  She finally got up and laid back down on my bed.  I laid down on the floor and after about ten minutes I could hear her breathing slow down and I knew that I could go to sleep.  Because she is safe.  

The next morning I woke up and Sam was still asleep so I decided to check my phone.  I had a text from Ashton.

A: Hey is Sam still staying at your house?

C: Yeah 

A:Oh okay I'm busy today anyway.

That's weird, normally Ashton doesn't stop talking.  And why does he care about Sam being here?  Oh well.  I will just ask him what his deal is later.  


A/N: Sorry it is a short chapter (again).  But to be honest I am having writers block and I hate it.  I will try to write more today but I don't know if it will happen.  I just need my brain to keep thinking of ideas.  If you would like to see something happen in the book feel free to leave it in the comments and I will try to incorporate it into the story.  


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