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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter Living in London, she is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially When it comes to men.
Her very best friend is one Benedict Cumberbatch well known british actor, They have been friend for a long time, and Well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion.
Ben hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Tom Hiddleston, he a pretty sure those two wont get along at all, but one day Tom showes up unannaunced while Amber is there.
Is Bens hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two Best friends ?


31. "Thank you Ben, you are a gem"

 *Amber POV*
 When she woke up she realised she was the only one in the room, Toms bed empty and she hoped that meant he was feeling good enough to be up and about.
 He had been in bed for 3 whole days and a night, and had gradually gotten better and was looking more healthy.
 She got up and put on her clothes, before walking downstairs, she heard laughter from the kitchen and went out there to find all three men seated at the table.
 "Morning boys". She said and they all looked up, Benedict and Luke nodded, their mouths full, Tom jumped to his feet and came to put his arms around her.
 He looked so much better, still a bit pale and of course way to thin, but he smiled and the twinkle was back in his eyes, he had bathed and shaved. "Well hallo darling".
 "Good to see you up and looking you gorgeous self". She said and snuggled herself into his chest.
 He chuckled and ran his hands into her hair, pulling a bit to pull her head back, his lips crashing down on hers, and she couldn't help but moan, oh yeah no doub Tom was back.
 "Hey you two, someone here do not want a peak show, so save that for when you are alone". Luke said dryly.
 Tom winked at her and pulled her with him to the table, pulling her onto his lap, Benedict filled a plate and put in front of her, next to Toms.
 "So the premiere is in two days Tom, are you still up to it ?" Luke was done eating and now fiddling with his lap top while speaking.
 Tom swallowed his egg and nodded. "Yes I think so, I feel almost back to normal already".
 "I think we should keep Amber a secret, let it be a surprice and then be honest if they ask, if it is okay with Amber ?" Luke was looking at her.
 She nodded. "It is fine with me, we can do what ever you think are the best way to go about it".
 "I can't wait to show you of darling, everyone is going to envy me when you are on my arm". Tom nozzled his nose against her neck and she couldn't help but squeal.
 Benedict got a phone call, he looked at the screen and got up. "Sorry, I got to take this".
 He walked out of the kitchen, Amber finished her food and got up to clear the plates from the table.
 She was just putting them in the dishwasher as Benedict walked back in, looking migthy smug. "So Tom I got some news for you, younremember I told you I would help you get you career back on track as well ?"
 "Yeah, what have you done Ben ?" Tom was eyeing him suspiciously, knowing Benedict well enough to recognise the smug smile, that meant he had done something he couldn't wait to tell.
 He looked at Luke and winked, making Luke smile to. "Well, I might have gotten you a role, just on a small tv show, you might have seen it, it is called Sherlock".
 "You what ? Seriously ?" Tom looked absolutely flabbergasted, his eyes huge, Amber almost dropped the last plate.
 Benedict nodded. "But you better bring your a game, because I have put my own reputation on the line for you here, I can't reveal the part yet, but it is a big one and in all episodes, we sjart shooting in about two months".
 "Thank you Ben, I don't know what to say". Tom got up and pulled Benedict in to a tight hug.
 When he let go of Benedict, Amber pulled first Benedict into a hug. "Thank you Ben, you are a gem".
 Then she put her arms around Tom, kissing him softly. "Congratulations handsome, I am so very proud of you".


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