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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter Living in London, she is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially When it comes to men.
Her very best friend is one Benedict Cumberbatch well known british actor, They have been friend for a long time, and Well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion.
Ben hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Tom Hiddleston, he a pretty sure those two wont get along at all, but one day Tom showes up unannaunced while Amber is there.
Is Bens hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two Best friends ?


3. "She would eat you up and spit you out"

 *Bens POV*
 He turns and look at Tom, he looks possibly fuming, his cheeks flushed and his eyes burning. "What the hell Tom ?"
 "Well she was being an obnoxious bitch". He said crossing his arms om his chest, not at all acting like the Tom he knows.
 Benedict is shaking his head. "Well and this is exactly why I have never introduced the two of you, I knew there would be sparks flying".
 He had known that Amber would probably rub Tom the wrong way, and that Amber would find Toms flirtatious manners laughable and silly, his two best friend just really weren't compatible.
 "Do you have a death wish or something Ben, bedding that succubus ?" Tom look at him wide eyed.
 Benedict grins, well Tom doesn't really know his preference for letting the woman be in charge. "Oh I promise you that it is well worth the risk".
 "So you have known her for a long time ?" Tom is suddenly seeming interested.
 Benedict knows that look in his friends eyes, Tom is seeing a challange to be won here. "Yes Tom and she is a really good friend, and not something to be played with".
 "Well aren't you playing with her or is she the one calling all the shots Ben ?" Tom aked him with a grin.
 Benedict just shook his head. "Well Hiddles you see you and me have somewhat different preferences and Amber is definitely not a woman for you, she would eat you up and spit you out".
 "Oh so you think that do you Ben, you seriously think I can't tame that bitch ?" Tom looks at him smirking.
 Benedict knows Amber and he knows Tom pretty well to, they are actually pretty simular, Amber is just much more open, where Tom on the outside is always the perfect gentleman.
 "Well I think you can't get anywhere what so ever with her, you are not really her type Tom". He smirks back.
 Tom gets that mischievous look on his face that Benedict know will end in trouble. "Well Ben I say I can, so what  about a little wager ? Looser springs for next years holiday".
 "I don't know Tom, she is my friend, I don't wanna see her hurt". Ben don't like this, on the other hand it might be fun to watch, he is quite sure Tom would get his hands full.
 Tom looks thoughtful. "Unless you have feelings for her, I mean more than friendly feelings, because then I wouldn't want to get in the middle".
 Has he ? No he don't think so, he might have had a long time ago, but he is quite clear, that he wouldn't be able to keep up with her on a daily basis and well, Tom wont get anywhere with her, so it wouldn't really matter.
 "Don't worry about that Tom, Amber and I are just friends, but I have to warn you, You are getting in over your head with this one". Ben answered.
 Ben went into the kitchen and Tom followed him saying. "We will see about that, so bet is if I sleep with her you pay my vacation next year ?"
 "Oh no Tom, I am not falling for that, you could just give in to her whims then, she seemed to quite like at least a part of you". Ben answered, knowing that if Tom complied to Ambers rules she would probably fuck him.
 Tom looked at him waiting for an answer. "Well then, what do I have to get her to do to win ?"
 "If you get her to beg you to fuck her on your premises, letting you take total control of her, then you win". Benedict answered, chuckling a bit to himself, knowing that would never happen.
 Tom looks at him with a grin, he seems to like the idea. "Well that is a deal then, now call her and say we will be coming by that concert tomorrow".

 *Amber POV*
 Amber is just walking in her front door when her phone starts to buzz, she looks at it, it is Benedict, what does he want already ? "Hi Ben, what's up ?"
 "Hi Amber, I was just thinking, you know that concert tomorrow, we would like to swing by". His voice a bit uncertain.
 She smiles, it is not very often she can get Benedict to come to the koncerts she i promoting. "Cool, I make sure to leave a ticket and backstage pas for you".
 "Well darling could you make it two ? Tom wants to come to". He asked, sounding like he expects her to bite of his head.
 She groans loudly. "Why Ben ? Why would you bring that stuck up insufferable prick ?"
 "Well because he is my friend to, and he is not really that bad Amber, you two just kind of got of on the wrong foot, please for me ?" He pleads.
 She sighed, outside the bedroom she has a hard time saying no to Benedict when he is pleading. "Okay okay I leave two then, one for you and oner for Mr. Smarts ass Hiddleston".
 "See you tomorrow then darling, sleep well". Benedict ends their conversation.
 She is in a bad mood now, why does he have to bring that infuriating snob ? Well yeah he was kind of handsome and by the feel of it very well equipped, hadn't he been so obnoxious she might have fucked him, except she got the feeling that he was not the submissive type.
 They would probably just end up fighting for control quite literally, no better to stay clear of that one.
 She pulled of her clothes, took a long hot shower and put on some old sweet pants and a snug sweater, settling into her couch and watching some tv before calling it an early night, knowing the next day would be taxing.

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