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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter Living in London, she is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially When it comes to men.
Her very best friend is one Benedict Cumberbatch well known british actor, They have been friend for a long time, and Well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion.
Ben hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Tom Hiddleston, he a pretty sure those two wont get along at all, but one day Tom showes up unannaunced while Amber is there.
Is Bens hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two Best friends ?


15. "Oh shit Tom, you are here ?"

 *Amber POV*
 She is walking up and down the floor in her living room, she don't really know why she is so agitated, but she can't seem the keep still, to find any rest.
 The last four days is kind of a haze, she have been with Tom, they haven't really talked about it, but they have acted like a couple, she don't really know if they are.
 Maybe that is it, she don't really know what she want, and she don't really know what they are or aren't, she don't really know if she likes him.
 It has been amazing sex, lige mind blowing, take me to another plane sex, but sometimes she gets a little annoyed of his commanding tone, beacouse he uses it out of bed to.
 He makes her feel like a child sometimes, unable to make her own decisions, and that is not easy when you are usually in charge, both in your job and in the bedroom.
 She didn't know what to do, she needed to talk to someone, so why not hit two birds with one stone ? She had found out Benedict had tried vigorously to get a hold of her the last couple of days but her phone had been dead.
 So she send him a message > I am home and I need someone to talk to, are you coming over ? <
 She knew Tom would come over later, hvem he was done with his meetings, he had demanded to get her spare key, another thing that annoyed her.
 Benedict answered back quickly, even for him and she smiled, he was already on his way.

*Ben POV*
 Finally a word from Amber, hadn't he heard from her today he would have contacted Tom, actually he finds it weird that Tom haven't called or come over to rub his win in his face.
 He hurried over to her, she neede neede to talk, and he told himself he needed to be there to listen, to be there for her, no matter if he liked what she had to say or not.
 Had she been with Tom for four days ? He had a hard time imagining it, that would be somekind of new record for Tom then, having a woman staying for 4 days straight.
 She opened the door even before he could knock, and pulled him inside, hugging him fiercely, he hugged back, his face buried in her hair, breathing in her scent.
 "Where have you been ? I have been so worried Amber, you can't just go of the grid like that for 4 days". He looked at her.
 She bit her lip, lokking like she didn't really knew what to say. "I have been with Tom".
 "Oh so you and Tom ? I thought you hated him". She had been with Tom, he felt his heart sink, suddenly feeling jealous of his two best friends.
 She sighed and dragged him with her into the living room, he sat om the couch, pulling her into his lap, cradling her and she said. "I don't know about Tom and me, I don't even know if I like him".
 "But you have been fucking him right ?" He hated himself for asking that, and hated even more that she nodded.
 Her fingers where caressing his neck absentmindedly, running through his hair, and the sensation made him close his eyes. "He is just so.. So bossy, like he thinks I can't do anything by myself".
 "But you can, you can do everything, both me and you know that". He was looking up at her, and smiled when she bit her lip and nodeed.
 She looked confused and he couldn't help but saying. "As much as i like Tom, I don't think he is the right man for you, Tom is all about Tom, he can't give you what you need, in or out of bed".
 "Oh so you think you know everything about what I need ? Do you now Ben ?" She turned her body toward him and looked into his eyes.
 His hands grabbed her waist, and for once she didn't complain. "Yes I do Amber, I have known you for a long time, I know exactly what you need and what you want".
 Her mouth was slightly open, and she caught her breath, Benedict just couldn't resist kissing her hard and wanting, gasping slightly when she requited, grabbing his hair.

*Tom POV*
 He was on his way up the steps to Ambers home, he had been in meetings all day, but constantly found his mind wandering to her, and what she might be doing.
 They hadn't really talked about it, but as she had stayed with him for four days, he saw them as a couple, maybe he should talk to her, make sure they were on the same page.
 He actually looked forward to seeing her, more than he had thought he would, and he quickly unlocked the door with the spare key she had given him.
 He stopped, there was noises from the living room, it sounded lige someone moaning rather loudly, and he felt his hart sink.
 Tom knew he should just haventurned and walked out the door and never looked back, but he couldn't, he just couldn't get his legs to work.
 "Oh my God Ben". That was clearly Ambers voice, he didn't know whether to be relieved that it was Benedict she was fucking or he should be even more angry.
 He walked into the living-room, it was like a really hard slap in the face or maybe a kick right in the crouch, seing Benedict sitting on the couch, Amber riding him hard.
 Tom just stared, he wanted to get away, but he felt frozen, then Amber looked up, she jumped up pulling her clothes around her. "Oh shit Tom, you are here ?"
 "Well yes darling, and I will be in the kitchen, so please clean up, you and I need to talk, and Ben, fuck off will ya ?". He just turned and walked into the kitchen, slumping down on a chair.

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