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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter Living in London, she is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially When it comes to men.
Her very best friend is one Benedict Cumberbatch well known british actor, They have been friend for a long time, and Well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion.
Ben hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Tom Hiddleston, he a pretty sure those two wont get along at all, but one day Tom showes up unannaunced while Amber is there.
Is Bens hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two Best friends ?


9. "I Think Amber is in Real trouble"

 *Tom POV*
 Seriously ? Did the fucking bitch just slap him ? He was done with this, she was way to much trouble, no way she was that good a fuck, it wasn't worth it.
 She had demanded him to kneel, she had to be crazy, Benedict might be happy being her little bitch, but he was never going to kneel to anyone and he certainly never was goin going to beg for sex.
 But he was all worked up now and the sexual fustration was about to get the better of him, he needed to find someone to relieve that tension before it got out of hand.
 He had for a moment let his mind play with the idea of just taking her after she slapped him, and he knew he had to do something when his mind went there, it had been to long.
 Tom went back into the club, looking for a woman to help him with that, plain and simple, he was looking for someone who would be easy and submissive, he didn't care if she was beautiful or even his type, as long as she was willing to give him a blow job somewhere dark, yeah he didn't even wanted the hassle of taking her somewhere to fuck her.
 To be honest he wasn't a big fan of just using someone for his own sexual gratification, he actually preferred to have a girlfriend or maybe girlfriend wasn't the right word.
 They mostly was keept out of the puplic eye and it was never about romantic feelings from his side, he was actually starting to believe himself incapable of love.
 But he was never mean or abusive in any way, if they just behaved and kept their mouth shut about dating him, he was actually pretty good at playing boyfriend.
 Only when he had gone to long, and the tension was building up to where his mind started running away from him, he would use a woman to relieve the tension, they always seemed grateful to help thought.
 He soon spotted a perfekt candidate, not his type, but a lot of men would find her attractive, she had bleached hair, big breast and a really tight dress and she was sitting alone in the bar.
 *Amber POV*
 She felt so stupid, he was a fucking idiot, he should be begging her for a fuck, who was he to think he was so special ? Okay well he was Tom fucking Hiddleston, but still.
 She was all worked up and angry on top and she thought about telling Benedict they were going home and take out her frustration on him, but that wouldn't be to him, it wasn't his fault.
 She walked back into the club, wondering if there might be some other guy there worthy of her attention for the evening.
 When she sat down next to Benedict and emptied his drink he looked at her. "So you and Tom, did you ? You know ?"
 "No Ben I didn't fuck him, I wouldn't fuck that idiot if someone paid me to". She snapped.
 He looked kind of reliefed she thought, he didn't usually vare that she fucked other men. "Please get me a drink and a line of shoots Ben".
 *Ben POV*
 He was relieved that she hadn't slept with Tom, he had been pretty shure that had been the plan when they suddenly disappeared.
 But Tom had showed up looking like a mad man and Amber looked pretty pissed to, so he couldn't help but wondering what had happened between them.
 At the bar he spotted Tom hitting on some blonde woman who looked like she was on a reduced price, what the hell was up with him lately ?
 And he didn't dare ask Amber what had transpired, he had to wait and ask Tom tomorrow.
 Benedict started to worry about Amber, she was getting drunk and some guy, who looked like bad news was hitting on her, he wanted to go home, but he wouldn't leave her and he couldn't get her to leave with him.
 The next time Benedict returned from the bar with a drink she had ordered, both her and the guy who was hitting on her was gone.
 He started to panic when he couldn't find her anywhere, and then he overheard someone saying that Bill was going to teach that controlling bitch a lesson.
 Tom, he had to find Tom, not that he wanted to, but he was the only one who could help him and he might know where Amerhad gone to with the guy who might very well be Bill.
 Where the hell was Tom ? He really hoped he hadn't left with the blonde, but then he spotted him in the corner, oh well he wasn't going to be happy getting disturbed.
 He really needed to have a talk with Tom, he was acting worse and worse lately, but this, getting a blow job in a freaking club right next to the fucking bar by some cheap blonde, that had tomtake the price.
 Was he even aware of the trouble it could get him in ? How much damage this could do to his career ? His whole image was build up around him being the sweet gentleman, this would seriously break that image.
 He took a deep breath and walked over, trying to keep his eyes at Toms face and nok the woman gagging on his cock. "Tom I need to talk to you".
 "Can't you see that I am i bit busy right now Ben, can't it wait ?" Tom didn't look up.
 Benedict took a deep breath and said. "No Tom, I think Amber is in real trouble".
 "What ? Where is she ?" Toms head snappede up, not at all embarrassed by what he was doing.
 Benedict on the other hand found it quite unsettling and looked everywhere else. "She is gone, so is som jerk who was hitting on her and I heard someone talking about a controlling bitch getting a lesson".
 "Starla, sorry but to go". When she didn't stop, Tom grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away, tugging himself back into his pants.
 Starla tried to snuggle up to Tom, who rolled his eyes. "Starla, please get lost okay, I have something more impotant to do".
 "Have you any idea where she might have gone to with that guy ?" Benedict were looking at Tom, Starla was stalking away looking very angry.
 Tom noddede and made his way toward a door in the back of the room and Benedict followed him, hoping he was right, and that she was okay.

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