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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter Living in London, she is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially When it comes to men.
Her very best friend is one Benedict Cumberbatch well known british actor, They have been friend for a long time, and Well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion.
Ben hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Tom Hiddleston, he a pretty sure those two wont get along at all, but one day Tom showes up unannaunced while Amber is there.
Is Bens hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two Best friends ?


12. "Do you like it darling ?"

*Amber POV*
 They walked to e restaurent close by and Tom got them a table way in the back, he held out the chair for her, it was soft with a really high back and when she sat down know one but Tom would be able to see her.
 He sat down across from her, his smile was mischievous and she knew he was up to something, the thought made her clench her thighs, even though she feared what it was.
 The waitress came down an Tom ordered for both of them, normally this would have made her angry, but she was to turned on to even care.
 Until the waitress came back with the food he was pleasantly small taking, acting like everything was normal, he thanked the waitress and said they would like some privacy while eating.
 "Spread you legs darling". He suddenly said between bites of food, and she did as she was told without even thinking and spred her legs as far as the arm rests on the chair allowed.
 "Now lean all the way back in the chair and pull up your dress". His voice was soft.
 She hesitated, she couldn't just do that could she ? His voice was suddenly hard. "Right now darling".
 Amber almost threw herself back in the chair and lifted up her dress giving Tom unobstructed view of her pussy.
 He sat for a while, just wasching her and eating his breakfast, she didn't dare closing her legs, even though it made eating a little complex for her.
 "Now take your finger, put it slowly inside you pussy and hold it up for me to see how wet you are". He said it lige he was telling her the eggs where good.
 She didn't dare hesitate, she was happy no one could see her, as she let index finger slide in between her wet folds and in to her pussy, she was still wet, but not soaking, she pulled it out again.
 "Now show me". He said, looking intently on her and she held up her finger, so he could se it.
 "Not good enough darling". He said, leaning across the table, he grabbed her hand and put her finger in his warm mouth, he sucked hard on it and pulled it slowly out between his lips.
 His finger was now warm and wet from his mouth, his eyes burning into hers. "Do it again".
 She did as she was told, enjoying the feeling of the warm finger inside her, she was getting turned on, but didn't dare to let her self-control go completely. "Leave it there".
 "You look so dahm sexy like that darling, I can't wait to fuck that sweet pussy". His words was making her moan lowly, turning her insanely on.
 He smiled at her. "You are being such a good girl Amber, keep it up and I will be so very pleased with you".
 "Thank you sir". She didn't know why she added the sir, it just seemed right and his smile widened.
 He had a sip of his tea and then said. "Now pull it out and taste it darling, taste how wonderfull you taste".
 She did it, the finger smelled like her juices, she put it slowly in her mouth, getting aroused, her nipples trying to poke there way through the tight dress.
 "Do you like it darling ? Like the taste of you ?" He was licking his lip and she nodded.
 He smiled, eating a piece of bacon. "Now put it back in and ad one more, and keep your eye on me at all times".
 She was getting increasingly wet, she could feel, it turned he immensely on sitting like this in front of him in public, even though only he could see her, if only people knew she thought.
 "Now fuck yourself slowly with your fingers". His voice was still sounding like he was discussing the weather and she started wondering if he was turned on at all.
 She was watching his face as he watched her fingers slide in and out of her now soaking Pussy, it was getting hard keeping her breathing even.
 It would be wildly embarrassing if the waitress came to their table or someone came to get his autograph, but she was so turned on now she hardly cared.
 "Now use your free hand to play with your beautiful breasts through the dress". He said biting his lip.
 Her hand went to her right breast, catching the nipple through the fabric, making her moan, moving her fingers in her pussy faster, her juices running down her hand now, he could clearly see how turned on she was.
 She keept her eyes on him, he looked up into her eyes, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. "So nice to see you are capable of following orders my darling".
 "Thank you sir". She managed to say, closing her eyes, she was in another world, on the brink of coming undone every second.
 "I told yountomkeep your eyes on me at all times darling". His voice stern and her eyes snapped open, first thing she saw was the bulge in his pants, uhh she wanted to rip of his pants and ride ham hard right here and now.
 She was getting close to orgasm and her nipples were getting sore from her playing with them in turn, she could faitly hear the wet sound of her fingers moving in her pussy.
 "Taste yourself again darling, suck your fingers like a dick". His eyes burning into hers.
 It made a wet sound as she pulled outnher fingers, her juices running from her, she put the fingers in her mouth, imagine it was his hard cock, sucking on them greedily.
 She might have closed her eyes just a bit, when she opened them again Tom was standing right next to her, the first thing she saw was his erection and instinctively she reached for it, but he grabbed her hand. "Kiss me".
 She pulled her fingers out of her mouth and accepted his kiss, he kissed her greedily, then he pushed two fingers deep into her, fucking her hard with them, almost making her scream, but the sound was drowned by his mouth.
 Then as fast as it started, he pulled out his fingers and ended the kiss,his hand was holding her head in place, and he pushed his fingers into her mouth instead.
 She sucked hard on his fingers, twirling her tongue around them, but to soon he drew them out and slapped her hard on the pussy, making her squeal.
 "Now Darling please go outside and wait for me while I pay, you have been such a good girl and I will show you just how pleased I am when we get home". He said in a low caressing voice.
 Amber almost ran out of the restaurant, she couldn't wait for them to get back to his house.


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