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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter Living in London, she is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially When it comes to men.
Her very best friend is one Benedict Cumberbatch well known british actor, They have been friend for a long time, and Well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion.
Ben hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Tom Hiddleston, he a pretty sure those two wont get along at all, but one day Tom showes up unannaunced while Amber is there.
Is Bens hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two Best friends ?


13. "Can I please remove your pants sir ?"

*Tom POV*
 He couldn't wait to get her home, she had been such a good girl, he had really pushed her, he wanted her to fully accept his control, bow entirely to his will and she had.
 Tom had had a feeling that Amber actually didn't like being in control as much as she pretended, that it was actually just her way of keeping men at an arms distance and not risk getting hurt.
 Now it was time to show her just how nice he could be when she deserved it, it had been a long time since, if ever he had been looking so much forward to having a woman.
 Actually he had started thinking that if she was willing to keep up being this obedient, he might like to keep her around for a while, even though Benedict probably would not like that.
 "Come on darling". He put his arm around her shoulder, and she clung to his side, he was happy it was only a five minute walk to his house.
 As soon as they came in the door, he grabbed her and kissed her deeply, and she responded by moaning softly agaist his lips.
 He grabbed her hand and pulled her with him to the bedroom, he let go of her. "Please take of your shoes and dress darling".
 "Yes sir". She pulled of her dress and threw it on a chair, then she bent down to unclasp her shoes, he was watching her, oh God she was sexy.
 He pulled of his shirt, then he realised she was on her knees looking up at her and he smiled. "Oh darling could you please help me with my shoes".
 She nodded and crawled to him om all fours, his pants suddenly feeling way to small, she removed his shoes and socks, the she looked up ad him biting her lip.
 "Can I please remove your pants sir ?" Her voice pleding and he smiled and nodded, how could he say no to that ?
 She slowly opened his pants and pulled them down, his boxers along with them, freeing his hard cock, he stepped out of his pants.
 Amber was licking her lips, looking at his cock, and suddenly she leaned in her mouth open, obviously wanting to take it in her mouth.
 He grabbed her hair pulling her to her feet his free hand slapping her hard on the ass. "Have I asked you to do that ?".
 "No.. No sir". She studdered, looking a bit shocked, it wasn't that he would not enjoy felling her soft mouth on his cock, but she needed do know he was in charge always.
 He smiled at her. "You do as I tell you darling, when I tell you to suck my cock you do so without question, but right now I have other plans, please lie down on the bed".
 She did as she was told and he let his eyes take in all of her naked glory, her eyes looking at him pleading for him to take her, to make her his.
 *Amber POV*
 Ouch that slap on her ass had really hurt, but she knew she deserved it, it had just been to hard to resist, she had wanted so badly to taste him, to feel his big hard cock in her mouth.
 He walked over to the bed, he grabbed her legs, spreading them wide and placing himself between them. "Now listen darling, you deserve a treat, but there will be three rules, if you break them I will punish you, do you understand ?"
 "Yes sir, I understand". She didn't know why, but all she wanted was to please him, to make him tell her she was doing good.
 He smiled at her. "Rule number one, you stay absolutely still as long as I am playing with you, when i fuck you you are allowed to move and touch as you like".
 "Rule number two, you can't talk, you are allowed to make all the sound of pleasure you like and you are allowed to say my name, but nothing else". He looked at her and she nodded to show that she got it.
 His hands very stroking strokingher tights slowly. "And rule number three, you are not allowed to cum unless I tell you to, do you understand all rules ? And you are allowed to answer my question".
 "Yes sir, I understand, I will do my very best". Amber just wants him to fuck her, she can't wait to feel that big hard cock inside her.
 Toms mouth starts at her knee, kissing and licking her hot skin, she already has a hard time keeping still her whole body cries out to be pressed agianst him.
 When he reaches the very top of her tigh, she can't help it and her hips bucks up against him, he promptly bite down on her the soft skin he was just kissing.
 She screams out, pretty sure he has drawn blod, his voice stern. "I told you to stay still".
 His mouth reaches her warm folds, and she has to concentrate hard not to move and not to tell him how wonderful his mouth feels on her.
 "You taste soo good darling". He talks agaist her warm skin, and the vibrations from his voice sends chills through her.
 When his mouth closes around her clit, sucking hard on it she forget her promise and moans. "Oh God Tom, that feels fantastic".
 She screams when his fingers snaps hard at her clitoris, it hurts like hell but at the same time jolts of pleasure through her. "Last warning, next time you break a rule, I will stop being nice and punish you".
 His fingers find her entrance, and she gasp as he pushes two fingers inside her, he find her g-spot and strokes it every time his long fingers thrust into her, his tongue circling her clitoris.
 She can feel an orgasm building fast, her hands ballad into tight fists, her moans getting more and more erratic, but just when she think, she can't take it anymore he stops, he removes his mouth and keeps his fingers still inside her.
 His free hand gently strokes her thighs, whispering sweet nothings about how beautiful she is, how good she feels and how he can't wait to fuck her, calming her only slightly.
 Then his hot mouth is on her again, and his fingers move again, findinge all the right spots, taking her to the brink. "Now come for me darling".
 But he pull out his fingers and she is on the verge of complaining, but then he thrust his hard cock into her in one smooth motion repeating himself. "Come for me".
 And her world explodes, she screams his name, her hands grabbing his back, happy that she is now allowed to move.
 He fucks her hard through her orgasm, making it feel lige it lasts impossibly long. "Oh God darling, you feel even better than I imagined".
 She never really gets down, as soon as she is able to breathe agains she feels another orgasm building rapidly.
 Her legs is twisting around his, pulling him closer, her hands are gripping every part of him she can reach, it has been so long since someone actually fucked her and it feels so good.
 "Can you cum for me again darling". His voice is hoarse and she find it very sexy, his movements are getting erratic, showing he is getting close.
 "Yes, yes yeeeeeessss" she screams, as she cums hard again, feeling her body contract around him, pulling him with her, making him moan her name.
 He litterally collapses on top of her, his voice soft in her ear. "That was bloody amazing darling".

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