A girl recieves text messages from a unknown number. They will meet in the future. but what will happen over the texts??


1. Unknown and Creeper

Dess POV




My phone buzzed indacating that I had a New text. I picked up my phone and went to messages. It was a new unknown number.


Unknown-Hey sexy


Me-who r u?



Unknown-u dont need to know


Me-uhh...yeah i do




Me-cuz u could be an axe murderer


Unknown-do u mean 'ass' murderer


Me-no 'ass' hole


Unknown-aww bae, dont be like that


Me-no im not your 'bae'


Unknown-u will be


Me-says who?


Unknown-says me, boo


Me-mhmm whatever...how old r u?


Unknown-19 hbu?


Me-17...where u from?


Unknown-nebraska wbu?




Unknown-ohh east coast chick i like


Me-whatever bro


Unknown-ayee lil ma, imma go i have homework and shit


Me-lol mkay bye


Unknown-WAIT!!! u will txt me tomor right?


Me-sure i dont see why not?


Unknown-cuz u thought i was an axe murderer


Me-and i thought u had homework


Unknown-i do but i love talking to u more


Me-aww your sweet but forreal tell me yo name




Me-what! why not?? *sad face*


Unknown-*hugs u* your fine you will find out soon...goodnight cutie


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