Veronica's mother is getting married again. She is happy for her mom but what she isnt happy about is that she is marrying the father of the girl she hates the most


1. Chapter 1

Now don't get me wrong. I am happy that my mom was getting married. Honestly I am. She deserves this. But what I wasn't happy about was Quinn Sullivan, a girl I had hated since Kindergarten. Who knows why she hated me so much, and yes, I have always tried to figure out why, but then I stopped trying to figure out because she has always been trying to ruin my life. Now, her father was marrying my mother today. I did meet her family at a Parent Teacher Conference. Her father was a gentlemen to my mom. Now, I did know he was dating my mom at the time, but I had no clue he was the father of her. Today was the wedding, and I was in the same room my mom was in. Her bridesmaid was helping out my mom get ready and I could tell she was nervous. I was wearing a dress. It was a cocktail light blue dress. It was strapless, and had blue sequence. At the bottom, was the fabric. It was a sparkly fabric. I had on some blue pumps that matched the color of the dress. My aunt, which was my mom's bridesmaid, curled my hair. I had on the locket my mom gave me for my 16th birthday. It was a silver heart locket, with the picture of my dad, before he died, and my mom, and me. It was a warm summer day, I was only 8, and we were coming home from My Aunts wedding. I was wearing a white lacey dress, with some black flats, and some white stockings. My hair was in pig tails. I was sitting on my mom's lap, with that ridiculous smile I always had, and my dad was behind my mom with his hands on her shoulders. Each time I saw this picture, it would always bring a smile to my face. 

"I am almost done" My aunt said. Her name is Angie. Angie put the last finishing touches, she turned my mom around facing me, and she smiled. I knew that smile, she would always put that smile on her face when she saw me wearing something like a dress and heels. 

"Remember mom, this wedding is about you, not me."

"This wedding, if he says yes, benefits both of us. You will get a new dad, and a sister you hate"

"Don't forget a brother I can pound on when he pisses me off."

"And you'll be getting a new little sister as well to teach how to defend herself when it comes to boys, and all that because obviously Quinn isn't doing that" My friend Sofia said. 

"Yeah, she just seems so small and innocent, and when she grows up and she doesn't know anything about life, the world is gonna tear that poor little girl apart." Annalise Sullivan, I met her. She is too cute, but also too innocent, I have had some conversations with her about somethings. She is doing more better actually. Although I noticed Quinn has been ignoring her ever since I have been hanging with Anna. But anyways, my mom looked like a queen 

"Well I mean, I think that would effect the relationship between Quinn and Anna." I said. 

"Since when do you care about Quinn?" Sofia asked.

"I mean, when it comes to breaking a family apart, you guys know I don't like that."

"But Quinn needs to teach Anna how to rule at life! All Quinn cares about is how she looks, and she already has that girl worrying about what people thinks about her."

"Guys, come on, no talking behind her back at my mom's wedding."

"Well I mean, technically, it didnt start yet." My other friend Catherine said. 

"Guys, come on, stop it." I said. 


The wedding was about to start, I sat in the crowd on my phone waiting for the wedding to start. To my left was Sofia, and on her left was Catherine, to my right, was my other friend Evangeline and Esmeralda, they are twins. In front of me was Quinn and her brother Cole, and a few of their friends. The music began to play and everyone stood up. Anna came out wearing a cocktail white dress, with big pink flowers at the bottom, it had a black belt with a big silver buckle, she had on some white stockings on, and some black dress shoes, her hair was curled it into a nice ponytail. She was holding a nicely decorated basket, and as she walked down the isle, she tossed out blue petals.

"That buckle was a nice touch Veronica, nicely done" Evangeline whispered to me. I saw Quinn look back at us with an irritated glare, then turned back around. The Angie, and Amelia came in walking behind after Anna.Then I saw my grandfather next to my mom leading her down the isle. I saw Quinn's dad smile a bit. 


"Do you Alexander Sullivan take Jennifer Stevenson to be your wife, to love and to cherish, for the rest of your life?" He nodded.

"I do"

"And do you Jennifer Sullivan take Alexander Sullivan to be your husband, to love and cherish for the rest of your life?" I saw her look at me. Then back at Alexander. 

"I do" she said. 

"You may now kiss the bride!" We all cheered. 


After the wedding ceremony, it was time to eat. We were outside of the church in the back. It was decorated nicely. There was tables with light blue table cloths, and napkins, glass cups sat on each. We all ate, had some fun, and the it was time to go. 


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