The Fire and The Magic


9. Chapter 9

I looked scared up at Svala and broke free from the hug. "MILO!!!" I ran downstairs to see it was in rumble. I ran over to see if Milo was okay.. I couldn't find him.. "SVALA COME DOWN PLS!" Crying I Yelled to get Svala down here. Svala came running down the stairs to see the rumble. "Wheres Milo?" she asked me.. I pointed at the rumble with alot of stones. "Pls.. we need to look!" I cried as I said it. "Husmis u can magic remember? use it to move the stones" She reminded me. "oh yeah!" I Closed my eyes and began to focus on what to do. I opened my eyes and began to move the stones away. There in the middle of the rumbles.. Milo sat behind a shield. Did he make it himself? I thought to myself.. I saw svala get him out of it and as they went upstairs. I began to build the walls again to make them more stabile. After a few hours I could finally go up to them both. I smiled as I saw Svala reading Milo a story. "And then the big knight zoomed in and saved the princess!" She sat reading. "But what the knight didn't know was that the princess was Lesbian" I came over to them and smiled. "So the knight couldn't get her! and the knight was angry! very angry!" Svala continued as Milo fell asleep. "We need to talk about what happend svala.." I looked down. "I know Honey.. He couldn't have been born with those powers! the powers of a wither and a magician!" She said and looked at me. "Oliver is a wither hybrid.. And u know that I was a magician before this.. so it is possible that Milo got it from me and him" I looked at her ashamed.

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