Two sisters go through everything together


3. Chapter 3


"PARIS COME ON WE ARE ALMOST LATE" I yelled from down stairs, I swear it takes Paris about 24 hours for her to get ready in the morning "I'm coming, damn" she said running down stairs with a tired look on her face. "WHERE YALL GOING!!!!" Mama yelled from the couch while flipping through channels on the t.v "to school were else" Paris said with attitude "PARIS don't make me fuck you up!!!" she yelled "mama we're going to school and if we don't leave right NOW we're going to be LATE" I said while walking out the door not wanting to talk to her anymore. Let me tell you about my mama, she Has black short hair, she is short probably like 5'6, she is white and mixed with  porto rican  and she doesn't have a job but she used to work at a club. Before my mama met Brian, she was a GREAT mother I remember when we were little she used to call me and Paris her little princess and how she used to take us places and when it was night we used to all have girls night and we would watch movies, dance, sing and do each others nails but now all of that is over. Me and Paris talked about earning enough money to buy us an apartment so that we could just leave so that's why me and Paris got us a job at a club, I work at the bar and Paris is a waitress and that's how I met Prince, prince is my best friend he is light skinned with tattoos, he is 6'5 and he has waves in his head. Me and Prince have never dated even though I feel we would be a cute couple but me and him are just going to stay friends. "India let's play some Beyoncé" Paris said while looking through my CD'S "No lets listen to Rihanna" I said  "we always listen to fucking Rihanna" Paris loves Beyoncé but I love Rihanna so we always have arguments when it comes to what to listen to. So we ended up listening to  Nicki Minaj  instead.


Once we got to school, I had to go to first period "aye India wait for me" prince said running up to me "we're was you this morning?you missed breakfast" he said "me and Paris was running late" I said while giving him a hug "well u better be glad cause I brought me and you some Wendy's!!!" I started laughing "thanks bestfriend" he nodded his head and then we went into first period. Me and prince walk to the back of the class like we always do "hey prince.. you look sexy like always" Brianna said. "hey look like a whore like always" prince said back and I laughed. Brianna is always flirting with prince but prince doesn't even like her,because she's slept with almost every fucking boy in the school and prince even told me that she most likely has the damn aids. "Come on please prince, you can just come over my house only to watch t.v". She pleaded "you so damn thirsty just leave him alone cause obviously he doesn't want you, damn" I said with attitude "shut up India me and prince was having a conversation" she snapped. I get mad really fast "well guess what! Now I'm in the conversation!!!" I yelled  "ughhhh your so annoying" she yelled then walked to the front of the class.

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