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It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


8. Chapter 7


It's been more than a week since I've last spoken to Asher, it's not that I was avoiding him after what I said but it just kind of happened. I don't mean to ignore him intentionally but sometimes I just need to completely get away from life. Though that's not possible, in a way it is possible. Though I think for me it can be pretty dangerous at times because everything in my head which is all negative at the moment will come and tear me down completely and I'll only fall deeper.


I always do this though. Whenever I feel someone gets too close to me that they'll hurt me. I always ask that question because I utterly, 100% mean what I say and will do what I say. He's probably going crazy, which I don't know why considering, 1. He doesn't know me and 2. There's really nothing interesting about me, so I'm genuinely confused why he still wants to talk to me.


​He wants to get in your head, Lucy. He wants to make sure you can trust him just so he can break you. It happens every time you befriend someone and don't say you haven't befriended him because you have. The moment you accepted his 'chat request' it already started to go down hill. He seems sincere because he's just using that to break you down later. You've only brought this upon yourself.


Sometimes I don't listen to what my mind says because it's just trying to mess with me and claim that I'm even more messed up. But I listen, because it can be true, sometimes people just use charm to cover up who they really are. I don't know him or what he's really like. For all I know he could be out to get me eventually and with me engaging in these conversations with him where I'm slowly opening myself up to him, I realize what I'm doing and need to draw back before its too late.




Ever since I abruptly quit talking with Asher, I've been getting texts non stop from him. Relentlessly asking me where I am, begging me to talk to him, tell him that I'm alright, tell him that I wasn't serious. But I didn't want to give in that easy. He may seem like the first person in like forever who seems like they really care, I need more proof then that. I need more than just a simple text saying 'please come back, I miss you'.


​Today @ 9:46pm


Asher Sirwin: ​Lucy, please respond. I know you're sick of me spamming you but I'm really worried... (9:46pm)


Heard it all before, nothing new. That's all fake.


​Asher Sirwin: LUCY! (9:47pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​LUCY!!! (9:47pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​Ok, I'm gonna stop hounding you for now because one of my best mates told me I'm probably annoying you which is most likely correct but I do wanna leave you with this wither you see this and ignore me or not, if you happen to be going through a bad time, going through mental battles I wanna let you know that I really genuinely care, you've probably dealt with that saying for awhile now and if you ever need someone to talk to PLEASE don't hesitate to talk to me, I wanna grant you the comfort that someone if here to listen to you. These are tough times but better days are ahead. Please talk to me soon, I hope your okay.


Well that was a bit of plot twist... To say the least, I'm kinda shocked he's saying this. Most guys wouldn't be as open as he is. And the fact that he pretty much called me out unknowingly kinda freaks me out a bit but doesn't surprise me because I literally just stopped talking to him for a solid week and that could pop up as one of the options on what could've happen.


​Don't do it Lucy, you'll regret it. Don't get attached to this guy, he's gonna ruin you.


​[ Hey everybody! Me again. Hope you liked the new chapter, sorry they're kinda short, still kind of just throwing ideas in as I go. Please continue to let me know what you think of it or what you think could be happening next. I don't know whatever you want. Hope you're still like this book & hope you're having a good day. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here if ya need someone, love you! Keep smiling lovelies! <3 ]


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