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It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


4. Chapter 3


Asher Sirwin:  ​Hi, how are ya?! ( 5:12pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Ya doing good? I'm doing good, Idk about you C: (5:12pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​Are you gonna leave me hanging? Like people do for high fives? (5:28pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​You must be busy, I'm sorry I'll come back later bc I'm looonely, sooo very looonely!!! (5:33pm)


​Today @ (8:50pm)

Asher Sirwin: ​Ok, it's later now. Let me start over. Hi, how are ya?! (8:50pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​Are you ignoring me? Am I annoying you. I'm sorry... (8:52pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​Wait no, it's telling me that you've received my texts, you're seeing what I'm saying. Well in that case, TALK TO ME! I'm lonely.... (9:01pm)


I've had it at this point. Yeah, I knew he was texting me but did I wanna talk to him? No. So what did I do? I put him on mute for the rest of the night. I had a bad day and I didn't need him making it worse. Though with all the time he's attempted to talk to me he seems like a genuinely non threatening guy. But I'm still gonna ignore him. I'm not gonna let my guard down too easily, even if he isn't a threat to me. He's gonna have to earn my trust if I as much as him letting him know just the slightest bit about me.




Asher Sirwin: ​Jet Black, it's been three days. I'm beginning to worry. I hope everythings ok... (6:10pm)


I rolled my eyes and decided to just talk to him to get him to stop spamming me everyday. I've been avoiding him because of a few things. 1. What do I say? I'm talking to a stranger it's not like I'm gonna be so open to talk to a stranger, 2. I've been in a bad mood and don't wanna talk to anyone, even my own friends and 3. I'm not about telling people my problems.


Jet Black: ​What! What on earth could you possibly want from me? (6:13pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Hey! She's alive! I've been sick of talking to myself, how's it going! (6:14pm)


Jet Black: ​Why are you even talking to me anyway? (6:15pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​Because making friends is fun and I know you and I could be great friends, I just know it, you don't know it yet though. (6:16pm)


Jet Black: ​What makes you think we'll become friends? You sounds so sure of yourself (6:17pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Well everyone could use a new friend and it all starts with a simple conversation. Even this one. Might not be the best of conversations but every couple of friends gotta start somewhere. (6:19pm)


​Jet Black: ​I guess that's true... (6:20pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​You may not think so but in time you'll agree that I was right and you'll say 'Asher you were right from day 6' and I'll just be waiting to say 'I told you so' and we'll just laugh. (6:22pm)


Jet Black: ​I guarantee you that won't ever happen, sorry not sorry to burst your over confident bubble but it won't... (6:23pm)  


​Asher Sirwin: Mmmhmm, we'll see about that. (6:23pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ...........​ Chocolate milk party! It's a chocolate milk party!!! :D (6:24pm)


Jet Black: ​What the fuck? Are you high? (6:25pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​Hey! Don't swear. And no, I'm not high, I  just really like chocolate milk! :3 (6:25pm)


​Jet Black: ​.... You're too happy (6:26pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​And you're to grumpy :D  (6:27pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​You need to stop being grumpy and get some happy! (6:28pm)


​Jet Black: ​-.- (6:30pm)


Jet Black: ​I'm out, I'm done with you (6:30pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Bye Miss Grumpy pants! *waves frantically* (6:31pm)


Damn, that boy is either naturally hyper or he had too much coffee today. ​​I don't know if I'm feeling something but something about him today was kind of drawing me to him. Is that a bad thing? .... Is that even a question? Yes. You're not suppose to let him in so quickly. You always regret it later. Yes this guy seems like a totally fluff ball but you never know if that's just a mask he wears to cover up his true self.


​Everyone wears a mask right?


​[A.N. Hi-ya! Hope you liked this chapter. I'm gonna try to update this every other day. Leave me your thoughts on this so far! Thank you for reading, love you! ]


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