Kik | A.I |

It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


3. Chapter 2


​Today @ 2:06 pm

Asher Sirwin: ​Hi!


Jet Black:​ Uh, Hi (2:08pm)


​Asher Sirwin: How you doing today? Good I hope (2:09pm)


​Why does this guy care? For all I know, this guy could be working to get me to 'play' with him. Erm, now I'm not gonna 'play' with you.


​Jet Black: ​Why do you care? (2:11pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Hey now, I'm just curious and I'm just trying to start a conversation is all. Is there something wrong with that? (2:12pm)


​Jet Black: ​Well I'm shit now that I'm talking to you...(2:13pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​What why? or are you just having a bad day. We can talk about it if you want. (2:14pm)


​Wow this guy was even more annoying than he was yesterday. He really does seem like the one to talk to me just because he wants to have fun with me. That's not happening. ​Be careful with yourself Lucy, guys like this are dangerous. They'll seem nice and then walk right over you after they got what they need. Don't let him get too close, you don't need him.


Jet Black: ​No I don't need to tell you my problems, so you can kindly fuck off. (2:18pm)


​Asher Sirwin: ​I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I just wanted to give you someone to talk to when you needed it... (2:19pm)


​Jet Black: ​Thanks but no thanks, I think I can handle myself (2:20pm)


​Jet Black: ​Anyway, thanks for this not so great conversation, I didn't need it but I need to go... (2:20pm)


I left him at that. I didn't want another comment from him that would bring me back and give him another pissy remark. I don't need to him to tell my problems to, it's not like I had other friends to tell them to, so why should he be of any of my concern. But, who knows maybe he wasn't trying to get at me that way, maybe he was genuinely caring about me. But why? Why is this random guy talking to me just to talk. There's millions of other people he could be talking to but why pick me? Why out of a millions of people he chooses me? How did he fine me?


So I put my phone down and began to get ready for my late shift at Journey's the only source of responsibility I have at the moment. I don't have school because I stopped going after I finished high school because I had no idea what I wanted to do and I still don't. Not many things out there appealed to me and I didn't have the money to even pay. My parents wouldn't pay my way to going to a possible school because they wanted me to pay myself... Like what the fuck. I just barely finished high school and you expect me to pay myself to go, yeah ok, that's gonna work out well. So I have this job.


I finished getting ready, I grabbed my keys, phone and went to the door to leave. I checked my phone one last time out of habit before leaving and there was another text from this Asher guy and he sent it to me 10 mins after I stopped talking.


Asher Sirwin:​ Ok, well see ya.... I hope the rest of your day gets better for you. (2:30pm)


I just shrugged it off, put my phone in my pocket and went on my way. Forcing myself to push this guy to the back of my head, I'm not supposed to think about him. I'm not gonna engage in any deep conversations with him, he doesn't need to know about me.


​[ A.N. Hi! Sorry this chapter sucks and sorry its short, these will probably be short chapters but I hope you still like it. If you do like it so far, give this some love, see ya! ]


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