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It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


11. Chapter 10


*Ashton's POV*


6:30, roughly half an hour until the lads an I were meant to go on stage for our Sounds Live Feels Live tour and lately has been weird. With me. Not personally but indirectly. Why? Because I've been getting worried for this girl I've been talking with. Her name's Lucy. When we first talked on that app Kik, she was kind of hesitant which I understand because I'm coming to her as someone she doesn't even know, which is for a lot of people is an instant red flag but I wanted to firstly tell her that I'm not gonna harm her. But we've gotten a little better as talking is concerned since the first chat. But for roughly a week and a half or so, she hasn't spoken to me. At first I wasn't as concerned because maybe it was a personal issue, I didn't wanna be involved in that because it's not my business but not that it's been a little longer I'm beginning to worry.


Why am I even talking to her in the first place? Well, truth be told, that I know her social medias. I occasionally see the tweets she would send me when she had something she wanted to tell me but thought that I would never see them but, I do. To be honest though, I've come to miss those tweets. Then for some reason something came along and stopped her from even doing anything. I don't see tweets from her anymore. So I guess that lead me to be secretly wanting to find out more about her.


To be even more creepy, I would stalk her profile every once in awhile and found that she mentioned her Kik username, so that's where I am now. Going as some random guy and talking to a girl that has in many times caught my eye.


Once the lads found out what I was doing I had to pretty much threaten their lives if they ever leaked out what my username was because if they did, I wouldn't know how to react.


Another reason why I'm so keen on getting to know her this way is so that she'll have a chance to talk to me, trust me without having to know that I'm famous. I feel like if I hadn't sugar coated my username, I have a feeling she wouldn't speak to me as truthfully than if I did. I wanna have her fully trust me before I actually reveal who I am. Does that make sense?



"Yo, Ashton! Time to go, get your ass in gear!" I hear Michael yell as he barrels into the dressing room door, throwing it open. "Come on bro, we got two minutes, get on out here."


"Okay, I'm coming." I give him a brief glance before he disappears again. I stand up from my spot on the couch, leaving my phone where it is. I put one ear piece in, while grabbing my drumsticks from the small coffee table I had set them on and jogged out the door. The chatter from the other lads and the fans from in the arena coming increasingly louder as I make my way over.


"Hey, he emerged!" Calum greets with a massive grin.


"Here I am!" I copied his overly excited tone.


The stage manager comes over to give his okay to go on. "Okay guys, in 60 seconds you're on. I'll let you guys know when, so if ya need to get any last minutes things, do it now." We all nodded but stayed put where we were, having everything we need. Now we're just waiting for the ready set go. The adrenaline and anticipation was surging through my veins making me ever so ready for another kickass show. "Alright boys, 30 seconds, head on out now. Have fun!"


"Woo! Let's go boys!" Calum hoots as he's the first one out as the lights are all dimmed. I filed after Michael as we all followed Calum onto the stage. Me taking my place on my ruling throne.  




After the show and we all ran off the stage when the encore ended. We all made our way to the dressing room, well I did but the others wanted to shower before getting back on the bus and traveling to the next location. But I decided to wait a bit before taking mine, there was something I needed to do. I wanted to see if Lucy responded back. The last full conversation I remember having with her was nearly two weeks ago and I'm getting so worried.


I relocated my phone which was on the couch of where I left it last and clicked the power button to see if I got something. Yes, I did get something and of course it was when I wasn't on my phone this text was 5 almost 6 hours ago and I feel bad not getting to her earlier.


So I unlocked my phone and proceeded to text her back;


​Asher Sirwin: Hi sorry I took so long to respond. I hope you're okay. Please talk to me if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you, always. (11:10pm)


Now all that's left to do is wait and hope. Wait to see if she'll respond back to me and hope that's she's okay, if she wasn't I would be determined to find out what's wrong and help her however I can.


​A.N. Hi everybody! Sorry it took me so damn long to update this, I had a bit of writers block. I hope you like it though. I decided to write a chapter in Ashton's POV to give a bit of a background on why he's talking to Lucy. If you're still reading this story, pleeeeease, pretty please leave me your thoughts. Love you all <3 !



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