My Strange Family

Tegan-Heart is a 13 (almost 14) year old girl who just wants to live her life to the fullest and explore the world, but her family stops her from doing so.


2. Chapter Dos

We live in a gigantic house, basically a mansion. There are four bedrooms, one for Anastasia, my parents, Elias and me. The last bedroom is for games. Then there's all the other rooms like the kitchen, dining room, living room, basement... etc. We also own a farm. We have four dogs, two girls, Sasha and Roxy, and two boys, Harley and Oscar. On our farm we have four horses, six pigs, six sheep, three goats, two cows, and about a dozen chickens. Our farm is very big for the amount of animals we have. We have two boy horses, Apple Dew and Azur, and two girls, Athena and Aphrodite, two goddesses. The boys are both all black, and the girls are both all pearl white. We have three boy pigs, named Squealer Hawke and Titan, and three girls, named Coco Buttons and Pookie. They are all bright pink, that is when they aren't all muddy. We have three guy sheep, Maverick Jax and Ace, and three girls, Cloude Dixie and Momma. Our goats are a little different, though. We have two girls, Angel Blossom and Angie, and one boy, Bambi. Yes, I know... Bambi is a guy, not a girl. But Anastasia named him. For our cows we have Thor, which is a boy, and Pepper, which is a girl. I would name all our chickens, but there are too many names. We have six boys and six girls, though. We often get stray cats, but we don't name them because they end up either running away or dying. Well, that's about our house.

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