''A Halloween Ride''

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  • Published: 17 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2016
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Strange things happen on every Halloween. Ghosts and ghouls are lurking in the dark,so....do not drive that night!


1. 1.

It was a cool October morning. It rained cats and dogs.  I woke up grandfather, we drank some milk and then grandfather said he would take me to school.

We went downstairs and... look! Someone was stealing our car. We ran after him in vain, so we called the police. The officer didn't succeed to solve the case, but when I came home from school, the car was there and everybody was happy. What thief in this world could take the car and then bring it back?

This was the question I asked myself, without any answer - and the following days all my family was troubled: wherever we put the car - in the garage, in the parking, at my granny's, even if we looked, someone was borrowing regularly our car, and we found it very strange. Of course the police couldn't believe us.

One night, my grandfather and I decided to catch the thief. We were hidden in some bushes, near the car, waiting excitedly for that moment... My uncle's motorbike was at hand... just in case...

At midnight, we saw something white entering the car, which engine started purring like a good cat. We jumped on the motorbike and followed the thief up to the shore of the lake... to see, for our amazement, how our car was diving into the cold water.

We tried again to call the police, and they searched the lake with their equipment, without finding anything. The police officer got furious and told us not to dare again to call him, because we were making up things.

Very sad and angry, we were walking back home. An old man approached us and wanted to know why so many policemen were there on the shore. Then, we told him all our incredible story. He said he knew what was going on:

-This happens every year around Halloween. The thief is Sir Edward's ghost. He lived at the end of last century. He loved Ann, a very beautiful lady, who had been promised by her father to a bad duke. She had never loved her husband, she loved Sir Edward, and they used to meet on the shore of the lake every night. As every important man has his spies, finally the duke discovered them and he came with a gun, wanting to kill his wife's lover. When she saw what was her husband's intention, Lady Ann threw herself in the lake, saying that she loved Sir Edward and she couldn't live without him. Before dying, Sir Edward saw this.... and that's why Sir Edward's ghost returns every year at the lake, believing that he could have saved Lady Ann, and longing to see her again for those three minutes allowed by God on Halloween.

-But what about our car?-grandfather asked.

-Sir Edward had a grey car that night when they died. It was the first car in our county, its color had been chosen on special command and he was very proud of it. And your car is of the same color... You know, there have always been certain grey cars missing around Halloween time... Of course Sir Edward believes it's his car.

While the man was telling this to us, we all saw the ghost. While feeling the light breeze of his touch, I think I heard even a whisper:

-Sorry for taking your car!

I don't know what my grandfather was thinking of, but I started praying for poor Sir Edward, to find his peace.

The night was almost gone, the dawn appeared and we saw the sky opening, and there were Lady Anne and Sir Edward, kissing, like after a very long absence...

Finally, they succeeded to meet each other-this time forever....

So, we walked slowly home, while the car was waiting for us, as good as new, but that wasn't the end of our troubles. Two hours later, our car disappeared again... and we couldn't even go to the police!

This time, there were real car robbers who had stolen it, and, luckily for us, after two days, they were stopped while attempting to cross the border. Anyway, I will remember this Halloween for a long time! I guess grandfather will,too.



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