Senior Year

Fuji and Zane are starting senior year at Fairy Tail High School. Who knows what trouble they may come across this year.


2. Mind Battle


Zane: “Fuji! Where are you?”

    He sees many blasts of ice and fire, and runs that direction.

    Fuji: “R-right h-here!”

    Zane: “Oh my god, I’m coming!” (hurries to her and creates a force field)

    Fuji: “I-I’m. How did you get here?”

    Zane: “Magic. What happened to you?”

    Fuji: “I don’t know, but Haru is so much stronger than before.” (shows Zane all of her gashes)

    Zane: “I know. And I’m here to fight him.”

    Fuji: “Let’s go then.” (heals up and gets ready to battle)

    Haru: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Zane; or should I say, brother?”

    Zane: “W-what?”

    Haru: ”Yes, I am your long lost brother. Too bad I have to end your lives so soon.” (makes ice barrier around them)

    Fuji: “Over my dead body.” (turns into fire cheetah and charges up to strike)

    Haru: “I can arrange that.” (drains her power completely and strikes her with his ice sword)

    Zane: “FUJI!!!” (runs to her and sees the stab wound in her side)

    Fuji: “I-I’ll yourself...leave” (passes out from loss of blood)

    Zane: “It’s just you and me now; you’re dead.”(transforms into battle mode and attacks him)

    Haru: “Ugh.” (stumbles back)

    Zane: “How did you get free?”

    Haru: “I had help.”(shows image of Kimmy~Chan)

    Zane: “I trusted her. Now let’s finish this once and for all.”

    Haru: “Gladly.” (smiles evily as eyes turn red)

    Zane: “Not so fast.” (stabs him in the stomach brutally)

    Haru: “HOW!!!?” (falls to the ground with blood dripping from his body)

    Zane: “Now to finish you off.” (slashes him in the chest)

    Haru: “NOOOOO!!!” (disappears to thin air)

    Zane: “Oh Fuji...I hope you’ll be okay.” (picks up her pale body and takes her out of Haru’s nightmare realm that was in her mind )

    He lays Fuji in his bed, waiting for her to wake up.

    Zane: (transfers back her energy and bandages her wound) “Please work. I love you! Please be okay!” (holds her hand and touches her faces)

    Fuji: (groans and flutters eyes) “W-what happened? W-where am I?”

    Zane: “You’re alive! Oh my god, you’re okay!” (hugs her gently)

    Fuji: “Easy, easy.” (winces in pain)

    Zane: “S-sorry.” (backs away slowly)

    Fuji: “I-I’m fine. Where’s Haru?”

    Zane: “Dead. At least I think he is. He kinda disappeared into thin air when I stabbed him.”

    Fuji: “Y-you saved my life. I guess you did kinda return the favor, heh. Thanks.” (lays head on his chest and puts hands around his neck)

    Zane: “You’re welcome, but you need to rest. After what happened today, you’re still recovering and I want you to be safe.”

    Fuji: “Thank you. you.” (kisses Zane passionately)

    Zane: “Heh.” (blushes lightly) “I love you too. Now get some sleep. Halloween is tomorrow and you need to get costumes with my mother for the Halloween Dance and the carnival.”

    Fuji: “Fine, but will you lay with me? I like cuddling with you and it’s soothing for my pain.”

Zane: “Sure, why not.” (lays down with her)

Fuji: “Goodnight weirdo, Heheh.”

Zane: “Very funny. I love you. Goodnight.” (grabs her by the waist and pulls her toward him, kissing her)

Fuji: “Goodnight.” (falls asleep in his arms)

That night, something was lurking in the shadows. Something evil.

???: “Let’s take him.”

???: “What about the girl? Wouldn’t she be more useful?”

???: “I suppose. Grab her instead.”

???: “Use the chloroform on her, so she won’t wake the boy.”

???: “Yes sir.” (puts a chloroform cloth up to Fuji’s mouth)

Fuji: “Huh...MmmMmmMmm...” (passes out)

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