Senior Year

Fuji and Zane are starting senior year at Fairy Tail High School. Who knows what trouble they may come across this year.


5. A Day to Remember


Fuji: “Why is everyone staring at us?”

Zane: “Maybe because we’re coming back on a flying carpet.”

Fuji: “True. Heh.” (smiles and holds onto him tighter)

Zane: “It’s okay, you’re not gonna fall, I promise.” (grabs Fuji’s hands and smiles)

Fuji: “I’m so glad you’re with me again.”

Zane: “Please never leave me again. Here, this is one of my surprises for you.” (hands her a box)

Fuji: “Zane, it’s beautiful.” (pulls out a necklace with a ‘Z’ as the charm and puts it on)

Zane: “You look beautiful.” (rubs her shoulder)

Fuji: “Thank you. Now let’s go to school.” (jumps off the carpet)

The school was great. Zane and I spent the school day together, talking about our future. I no longer see Haru in my thoughts. And now, all I wanna do is be with Zane. Guess it’s time for bed, goodnight.

Zane: (quietly knocks on the door) “Psst, Fuji, are you awake?”

Fuji: “Zane? It’s 11:00p.m, what are you doing in here? You’re supposed to be asleep.” (sits up smiling)

Zane: “Do you wanna go on the balcony and gaze at stars with me?” (grabs her hand and pulls her toward the door)

Fuji: “Wait, wait! At least let me get some pants on.”

Zane: “You look just fine, come on.”

Fuji: “Can I at least wrap up in a cover?” (shivers slightly)

Zane: “Already done.” (wraps a fluffy cover around her)

Fuji: “Mmm… warmth. Are we going out the window?” (opens the window sill)

Zane: “If you want, we can get a better view from there.”

Fuji: “Okay.” (sits down on the roof and looks up at the stars)

Zane: “Feels so good out here. Come here, my beautiful girl.” (comes up behind her and wraps arms and legs around her and kisses her neck)

Fuji: “Heh. How do you always know what makes me smile?” (blushes and puts her hands on his)

Zane: “I love you so Fuji.” (rocks her back and forth)

Fuji: “I love you too.” (lays head back against Zane’s chest) “The stars are beautiful out tonight.”

Zane: “Not as beautiful as you always are.” (rubs her stomach)

Fuji: “Hey, that tickles. Hehehe!”

Zane: “Your laugh is so cute. Heh.” (smiles and plays with her hair)

Fuji: “Hey, do you see the shape in those stars?”

Zane: “What is it?”

Fuji: “It’s a heart.” (draws it with her finger)

Zane: “Aww, that’s so sweet. You’re mine and my everything.” (rubs her arms)

Fuji: “You mean everything to me.” (looks up at Zane and kisses lightly)

The rest of what happened was more of a blur than anything. After that I was pretty exhausted.

Zane: “Are you ready for the big for the seniors who passed everything?”

Fuji: “Well of course, but what’s gonna happen to us after all of this?”

Zane: “We’ll stick together, like always.”

Fuji: *Yawn* “Yeah. I love you, Zane.” (lays head on his chest)

Zane: “I love you most, my beautiful.”

Fuji: “Goodnight, Zane.” (closes eyes sleepily)

Zane: “Night, my everything.” (holds her gently)

I fall asleep thinking, did this all seriously just happen? I think I should go to the doctor next week to check for anything different or unusual. He felt so much fun. The next morning I wake up in my bed and Zane is beside me, peacefully sleeping on his side. I look at his body and the way he breathes so steadily.

Zane: *groans* “Goodmorning angel.” (moves closer)

Fuji: “Hehe. Morning sleepyhead.”

Zane: “Come here.” (pulls her close and kisses her passionately)

Fuji: “How’d you sleep?”

Zane: “Heavenly. You?”

Fuji: “Same.”

I couldn’t stop smiling at his muscular body. His shirtless body. The look in his eyes, telling me he loves me. His ruffled up hair. The sexiness in his voice that sends chills down my spine.

Zane: “Come here and let me love you, beautiful.” (grabs her by her waist and pulls her close)

Fuji: (feels his chest slowly) “I love you, babe.”

Zane: “Ready for the last day party?”

Fuji: “Yeah, I get to spend my life with my amazing hot boyfriend.”

Zane: “No, you’re the hot one, baby.”

Zianna: “Get up guys, it’s time for the party.”

Fuji: “Coming!”

Zane: “Rise and shine, my sleeping beauty!”

Fuji: “Fine.” (gets up and puts on a tight high-low red dress with silver flats)

Zane: “You look stunning, angel.” (gets up and puts on a black tuxedo and spikes up his hair)

Fuji: “Hello handsome.” (comes up to him and rubs his arms)

Zane: “Come on, let’s go eat some breakfast.” (walks out slowly)

Fuji: “What’s for breakfast, Zianna?”

Zianna: “Bacon!”

Zane: “Awesome!” (scarfs down a plate of bacon)

Fuji: “Thanks.”

Zane: “Let’s go. We’re gonna be late.” (heads for the door)

Fuji: “Alright. I’m coming.” (starts walking toward school with Zane)

I feel a rush in my chest as we head to the party. I wonder what Zane meant by “surprise”. When we get inside, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol starts playing.

Zane: “May I have this dance?”

Fuji: “Yes, you may.” (takes his hand and dances the night away)

Zane: “Come with me. I-I need to show you something.” (pulls her to the balcony)

Fuji: “Um o-okay.” (nervously follows)

Zane: “Don’t worry. It’s nothing bad.”

Fuji: “Alright… Woah, the view is astonishing!”

Zane: “My astonishing view is right in front of me.” (faces Fuji and smiles)

Fuji: “Hehe.” (blushes)

Zane: “Okay now, I need to confess something.” (holds her hand in his)

Fuji: “What is it, Zane?”

Zane: “Fuji, I have loved you all my life. We’ve had our ups and downs, and we’ve been through thick and thin. You’re everything to me and I can’t live without you. When we touch, sparks fly and I feel like we are the only people who exist. What I’m asking is...Will you marry me?” (kneels down on one knee and pulls out a silver ring with sapphire gems)

Fuji: “...Oh my god..!” (covers mouth) “Yes, I will marry you, Zane.” (kisses him and puts arms around his neck)

Zane: “Let’s go to the roof at the house and talk.” (picks her up bridal-style)

Fuji: : “Hehe. Okay.” (hold onto him)

When we get to the roof, there is a laid out bed made out of pillows and blankets, there were a few lit candles and some rose petals as the border.

Fuji: “It’s beautiful. I love it.”

Zane: “I hoped you would. And I already found us a place.”

Fuji: “Really?”

Zane: “Yes. Hey, are you feeling okay? You look pale.”

Fuji: “Ya, I just feel exhausted again, but don’t worry. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to check it out.”

Zane: “Okay, good. Do you want me to go with you?”

Fuji: “That’s sweet of you, but you have your first day of your new job tomorrow morning.”

Zane: “I know, but I wanna be there for you.” (lays her down)

Fuji: “Don’t worry, I will tell you everything when you get home.”

Zane: “Okay, but you be careful.”

Fuji: “I will.” (rubs his shoulders)

Zane: “Now, for the second best part of the night.” (leans in and kisses her with lust and passion)

Fuji: “What’s the first?” (moves hands up and down his arms and chest)

Zane: “Sleeping next to the most beautiful girl in my life.” (puts hands around her waist)

Fuji: “Aww. I love...”

Zane: “Ssh… Don’t say it, show it.” (kisses her neck)

Fuji: “Mmm… I see.” (kisses his neck and drags hands lower down his chest)

Zane: “Heh. That’ll do.” (smiles teasingly and rolls Fuji on top of him)

Fuji: “Hahaha. What are you gonna do now baby?” (wraps legs around his waist)

Zane: “This...” (grabs her face and starts making out with her)

Fuji: “Mmm...” (stomach growls)

Zane: “Are you okay? Did I do something?”

Fuji: “Ya. And no. My stomach has been doing that for the past few days.”

Zane: “I think you need to rest and go to the doctor tomorrow.”

Fuji: “I know, but I don’t want to ruin our romance.”

Zane: “Who says the romance is over? There’s always cuddling.” (wraps arms around her) “Now just relax.”

Fuji: “You’re so warm. I love you, Zane.

Goodnight.” (slowly closes her eyes)

Zane: “Goodnight, beautiful. Sweet dreams, my shining angel.” (rubs her back and falls as well)

That night I dreamt of him. The way his hair flows in the breeze. The way his eyes sparkle in the moonlight. His warm body against mine. His lips on my neck as I fall asleep. In the morning, I wake up to Zane’s arms around my waist and his head right above mine.

Sadly, I have to head to the doctor in a couple of hours, but I don’t want to leave his warm grip. Guess I have to anyways. So, I get up and put on a blue tank top with a denim jacket and a pair of skinny jeans with flat black boots.

Zane: *groans and yawns* “Babe, what are you doing?” (looks at her slowly)

Fuji: “I have a my doctor appointment, remember?”

Zane: “Oh ya. Wait, what time is it?” (gets up sleepily)

Fuji: “Uh, 6:30am.” (looks at phone)

Zane: “What!? I gotta get around for work.”

Fuji: “What do you do anyway?”

Zane: “I work at the police station.”

Fuji: “I hope you will have a good day.”

Zane: “And I hope you’re okay.”

Fuji: “Ya. I love you.”

Zane: “I love you too.”

After I visit with Zane that morning, I head to the doctor nervously.

Secretary: “Mrs. Scarlet, Dr. Aaron is ready for you.”

Fuji: “Alright.” (walks through the office door to Dr.Aaron’s room)

Dr. Aaron: “Mrs. Scarlet, you’re here for a check up, right?”

Fuji: “Yes.”

Dr. Aaron: “Have you been experiencing anything concerning?”

Fuji: “Well, my stomach keeps mysteriously growling then it hurts for awhile. Also, I keep having short, sharp pains in my stomach. And I’m hungry or exhausted all the time.”

Dr. Aaron: “Okay, I say, let’s take a scan of your stomach.”

Fuji: “Okay.” (walks to the scanner)

Dr. Aaron: (looks at results) “Heh. Mrs. Scarlet, you are pregnant with a boy.”

Fuji: “What!” (eyes open wide)

Dr. Aaron: “But, it seems to me that it’s not moving. Come back to me in about a week. Then I can diagnose you.”

Fuji: “Got it.” (starts to leave)

Dr. Aaron: “For now, just take these once a day and that should relieve some of the pain.”

Fuji: “Okay doc. See you soon.”

Dr. Aaron: “Good day.”

I drive home worrying about how everything had happened today. How am I going to tell Zane. When I got home, I laid down on the couch and stared at the wall. I looked at my phone and realized that Zane had texted me.

Zane: How’d it go?

Fuji: Um…

Zane: I’ll be home shortly. I got you something.

Fuji: Okay. I love you.

Zane: I love you too.

In about an hour, Zane comes home and sees me on the couch.

Zane: “Hey babe.”

Fuji: “Hey...”

Zane: “You okay?”

Fuji: “Doctor.”

Zane: “Oh ya. What happened?”

Fuji: “Well, the doctor said I was pregnant, but it wasn’t moving or anything. I’m supposed to go back next week to check it out.”

Zane: “What!? Okay, I’m going with you next time.”

Fuji: “That would be great.”

Zane: “Anyway, here.” (hands her a bouquet of white roses)

Fuji: “Aww, thanks you so much baby.” (sits up and hugs him)

My phone rings.

Dr. Aaron: Hello, is this Fuji Scarlet?

Fuji: Yes, Dr. Aaron?

Dr. Aaron: Yes, I have your results and thumbs up.

Fuji: Really!? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dr. Aaron: “You’re welcome.”

Then he hangs up and I start crying with joy.

Zane: “What did he say?”

Fuji: “The baby is okay! He’s okay!” (wraps arms around him in happiness and kisses him)

Zane: “Heheh. Do you wanna talk about our wedding?”

Fuji: “Yes. I’d love to.”

We made a list of stuff we’d need:



Food & Drinks




    And we decided to go to Meteli for our honeymoon. I feel like there is some kind of connection there and Zane does too. Meanwhile in Dr. Aaron’s office, Dr. Aaron is on the phone with someone very interesting.

    Dr. Aaron: Yes, uh huh. The plan is going terrific, Chris. Nothing will stand in our way. You can get revenge on Kratos and Erza, and I will go after Znae and Fuji. Haru and Chris are back!

    Chris: Commence Phase 1.

    Dr. Aaron: Report back when all is set in stone.

    Chris: Roger that.

    Dr. Aaron: Haru out.

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