Snow's Art Journal of Intricate and Crafty Artwork

---Art is the colour of life---

That's what I think art is. It is not a bunch of instruments and colours thrown together to make a picture. It is not some boring person who just thinks, "I don't know what good drawing a picture is gonna do to me, but I might as well just do some rubbish on the page."
And, that, my friend, is someone who is not an artist.


3. 1. Dawing 1- A brick wall in a dirty alley

My inspiration for this one wasn't anything much at the beginning. I looked at the brick wall that semi-joins my neighbours' home to ours and I decided to try drawing a brick wall. But, when it was complete, I placed a single trash can in front of it to make it seem like the alleys you see in movies. But, obviously, my creative sense got better of me and I decided to express the life for the underprivileged creatures - humans, animals alike- in this picture.

I worked for about an hour to finish it and then I did the shading to make it all more realistic. Oh, and, in the left corner, those aren't garbage bags.

They are a mother cat and a kitten, lying down - or maybe dead... - in front of the bottle crate. 

Also, I drew it on my 2013 diary so pardon the lines and numbers.

Thanks for seeing!



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