Sisters united

Addie, Bella-Sarah, Brooke, Saphire Rose, and Heavenly Gracie had a perfect life. But soon, everything falls apart


5. Brook

I know, I can't believe they adopted Heavenly off like that! I agree with Addie, that just boils my blood it does. Bella, quiet as a mouse, didn't speak for weeks. Well, the day after that horrible decision to adopt Heavenly, Brook had a lot to say in her diary. She started writing, at the age of thirteen, she didn't really have a diary till then. She started reading at the age of six. People were afraid that she had dyslexia. But anyway... here's her entry.

I could hear Addie's cries as I woke up. I dressed quietly, with help from Bells. Then I sat in the corner, chewing on my lip and playing with Maggie, my favorite doll in the world. The sun was coming in, lighting the room. I could hear Charlotte, age eight singing as she got ready. "Let's go see if breakfast is ready." Bella suggested. Saphire, who was sleepy nodded and the three of us left Addie to cry.

When we had to get ready for school, Addie was still dressed in her PJS. She even skipped eating breakfast. Sighing, the head lady left her alone.

After school, a tall young woman started talking with Saphire and I. "So I understand, you lost your mother and father?" She asked. I nodded, holding my sister's hand. "Well, I'll make your sadness go away. I'm looking to adopt two girls. And I choose you." She said smiling. "What about Addie and Bella, our other sisters?" I asked. "Sorry I won't be able to take them." She said. "Then I won't go. And neither will Saphire." I said. "That's too bad. I would've loved to have you two." Then she left.

A social worker came to talk to the four of us. "Look, I understand that you want to be adopted together. That's understandable, but not many people will adopt four kids at once." She said. I didn't like her. She had red nail polish on, the kind mom hates. She smells like rotten milk that mommy would smell like sometimes. Her hair looks stiff and sticky and red like daddy's "And our goal is to adopt all children in the system." Judith chimed in. Addie scowled, she looked like she might start crying again. "I hate this. I wish I died with them." Addie sobbed, hanging on to Bella's outstretched hand. Social worker and Judith let her cry for a while. "Well, there's a foster family who wants to take three of you. Addie, Bella, and Brook. Another family wants to have Saphire." The social worker said. "I won't go with out all my sisters. In fact, where's Gracie? I want to find her and beg them to either adopt all of us. Or let Gracie come with us to a new family, who will love us." Addie said, standing up. "I'm sorry, I can't give out that location, but don't worry, she's in good hands." "But we're not with her!" Addie screamed. The social worker took Addie to a separate room to talk to her alone. I asked Addie what she said, and I added it to my diary.

"Ok, I know you mean well. But you gotta think about the girls. They need a family to love them. Orphanages aren't meant to stay forever. But I love them." Addie said, tears streaming out of her eyes. "I know you do, but sometimes you gotta let go of those you love. And one day, I promise you Addison, you'll find them again."

Addie nodded, and they came back out. Addie had a lot on her mind.

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