Sisters united

Addie, Bella-Sarah, Brooke, Saphire Rose, and Heavenly Gracie had a perfect life. But soon, everything falls apart


4. Bella-sarah

So Bella was only five, but she had a good memory. She began writing in her diary about those hard times at the age of seven. The next day, this is what Bella wrote.

Before I opened my eyes, I could hear Addie scritch scritching away on paper. I felt Brook's leg on top of mine. She is a wild sleeper. I got up, without waking up the others, and sat next to Addie, taking up an abandoned hair brush and vrushed her lovely tresses. "How was your sleep?" Addie asked, looking up at me, her eyes welling with tears, she blinked them back, trying to look strong. "I had a nightmare." I told her. "What about?" Addie asked, taking the brush from me, and brushing my hair. "I don't remember, I only remember waking up and feeling scared." I said, this was true, what I didn't want to tell her was, I felt like I was there, at the scene of my parents' death.

Later, we sat in school, the owner of the orphanage is the headmistress of the boarding school. I met a few girls, they were friendly and showed me around. Brook even had a place at this school. Saphire and Heavenly weren't allowed to join yet. Heavenly woke up with a bad cough. Addie is worried about her. My parents believed in God, and so did I. But I didn't quite know how praying and being daught of Christ worked. How do I tell Him I love Him? Addie tried to explain it, but it still confused me.

When we got home from school, Heavenly was gone. "Where's our sister?" Addie asked the head lady. "A nice couple just adopted her. Said she'd make a perfect edition to their family of two girls." She said. "But why did they take her?" Addie asked, she looked angry. "Well, you're living in an orphanage. So they were allowed to adopt her." Judith said. "But not our sister. You should never separate a family." Addie said, fists balled in anger. "I'm sorry Addison, but that's how it works. I wish I was there to talk to them. But I was at school. But don't worry, I'll make sure the rest of you will be together." Judith reassured us. "I don't want to be comforted, I want my Gracie back!" Addie screamed. Running off to our shared room, she sobbed crying desperately for our mom, dad, and Gracie to be back with us.

I wanted to hug her, but knew that was a bad idea. Instead, I went to do my homework, chores, and play with Brook andSaphire, who were frightened and worried.

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