Sisters united

Addie, Bella-Sarah, Brooke, Saphire Rose, and Heavenly Gracie had a perfect life. But soon, everything falls apart


8. Addie

After Saphire left, so did Bella, Brook and I. We stayed in a foster home for a year with no problems. Then a young woman wanted to adopt Brook. I didn't want her to leave, but I had no choice. So it's down to only Bella and I.

We celebrated my seventh birthday before Brook left. MacKinzie, an eight year old girl turned to me. "That's an odd way to spell Brook's name.' She commented. "Brook isn't really her name. But it kinda stuck, Bella tried to say her name, but it spuned like Brook, so... yeah." I murmured. "What's her real name?" MacKinzie asked. "I'm sorry, we don't discuss that>' I said, turning away. "you know Addie, yo'd be happier with friends. All you do is worry about your sisters." She said and stormed off.

"I fell asleep on the couch, a book on my lap. "Hey Addie, wake up. It's time for bed." Bella whispered. "Ugh, how long was I out?" I asked. "An hour." Bella said. She touched my cheek. "Are you okay?" She asked me. "No. I miss Brook." I said honestly. "Yeah, me too." Bella sighed. We sat on the couch, Bella's head in my arms. "Do you think we'll get adopted?" Bella asked. "I hope so." I said. "Have you ever imagined what our adopted family might look, or be like?" Bella asked. "No, have you?" I asked, as Bella and I walked to our room. "Yes. Do you want to hear what I came up with?" She asked, opening the door. "Yes, I love your imagination." I nodded and closed the door, taking out our pajamas. "Well, we will get adopted by a young man and woman. They are in their early twenties. They have four or more children. We have a wonderful school and we have a big house." Bella said. We were dressed and in bed her eyes were closing slowly. I slowly rubbed her back, and singing a song our mother sang to us. Bella smiled and fell asleep.

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