Sisters united

Addie, Bella-Sarah, Brooke, Saphire Rose, and Heavenly Gracie had a perfect life. But soon, everything falls apart


1. Preface

Hi there, take a seat. Are you ready to here a story, that could make you sad, happy, and sad again?

I know I'm ready to tell it. Well, let me get you a cup of coffee, or tea before we start.

In a small village, there lived a big family. Let's go walk in to there beautiful house and introduce them to you.

The woman leaning over a small toddler is the mother. Do you see her blond curly hair hanging long over her shoulder? Her bright blue eyes sparkling like diamonds. She's slender, quite young, thirty I believe. Oh over there, a man came in. He's smiling at his wife. "Margaret!" He cries, flinging himself in to her arms. "Maxwell. How was work?" She asked, ruffling his red hair. "It was hard, but I got a lot done.' He said, closing his blue/green eyes. "I'll make you a nice cup of tea before dinner." Margaret said.

In a room, a young girl with brown hair put up in to a pair of pigtails, was working on her school work. She's six I believe. Her name is Addison, but people call her Addie.

"Addie, can we play together?" Bella-Sarah asked. Bella looks just like her mama. Beautiful blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. Bella is five. "I am almost done sis. When i'm done, we all can play. Addie said, kissing the top of her sister's head.

Bella left the room, and found Brooke, trying to sniff mama's pefume. "Brooke, wanna play with me?" Bella asked. "No." Brooke said, and continued to reach for mama's perfume that sat on her highest shelf. "Hmmm, If I help you, can you play with me?" Bella asked. "Okay." Brooke said.

Saphire Rose, was watching her two sisters trying to get the perfume. "I don't like that smell." she said. "No body asks you." Brooke said, "I'm telling mama." Saphire said. Saphire looks like a little princess. Golden blond hair and a beautiful profile. "Go ahead." Brooke said. She did.

"I told you Brooke, no perfume." mama said. "I told you I'd play with you when I was done." Addie said. "Sorry, I should've waited." Bella said. "It's okay." Addie said, taking her sisters, she played with them all. The toddler that we seen earlier is Heavenly, ever since she was little, she's been very sick. No body knows when's her last day with us.

I think it's time for a break, how about you? Let's start the first cahpter in a few.

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