Dragon's Lust [16+]

He has always been known for being quite out-going and full with stupid, reckless ideas - his girlfriend can attest to this. So when they get some uninvited guests in the middle of their love session, well... Let's just say that for once - she actually likes his silly ideas.
[I would like to give a huge "Thank You!" to my subconsciousness for letting me have this really, really perverted dream that eventually led to this magnificent piece of... Well... Whatever this is, really.]


2. Part 1 of 2

The door to the apartment is opened, and on the other side of the door - Rogue is standing with his arms crossed over his chest and an annoyed sigh on his lips. His pitch black hair is pulled back in a ponytail with his rather long bangs hanging loose, covering the right side of his pale face.

“Tch, that took you quite some ti--...” his words comes to a halt as he fixes his gaze on me and realizes that I might not be the person he had hoped would open the door, “O-Oh, Rin…” His voice is suddenly softer, almost careful as a faint, red color appears on his cheeks. I notice how his red eye - the only visible eye - quickly looks me over, and it slowly dawns upon him that I’m not wearing much clothing.

“Ah, Rogue, Sting did tell me that it was you knocking,” I say with a low chuckle as I rest my shoulder lazily against the doorframe. I’m only wearing my bathrobe which barely stops mid-thigh, nothing else.

Nothing else.

“I can tell I’m disturbing you at a bad time, haha,” Rogue carefully says with a slight stutter in his voice as he’s probably trying to come up with a fitting apology, “I guess I’ll just--...”

“Oh? No, you’re not disturbing, Rogue,” I say with a sly smile as I tilt my head slightly to the side, a few strands of my pink bangs covering a little bit of my face whilst my turquoise eyes keep watching the young man in front of me. I can feel the bathrobe slowly sliding off one of my shoulders, not that I mind very much - and I notice that Rogue’s glance is fixated on my now revealed shoulder and deepened cleavage.

“U-Uh…” he stutters quietly as he immediately forces himself to look away from me, and his otherwise white face takes on a completely pink color unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, “I-If you insist…”

“Oh, I do,” I say with a small hum in my voice as I make room for him to step inside the apartment. I make sure to close to door after him, as the shadow dragon slayer enters the apartment. It’s funny; Rogue always seem like this cool, cold guy to everyone that don’t know him, but as soon as you crack his facade, you realize that he’s in fact the sweetest, kindest person in Fiore.

“What was the reason for you coming here, Rogue?” I ask as I step up in front of him and shoot his red face a short glance, with my hazy, half-lidded eyes that almost glow from the aftermath - or from the lack thereof. He quickly averts his eyes away from me.

“I wanted Sting to accompany me on a mission, nothing else,” he says, and I can’t help but let out a small chuckle. I find it somewhat adorable how the two of them always go on missions together, though they’re complete opposites. They are each other’s weakness; light and darkness.

Sting is the bright, shining - and loud - person, with an incredibly outgoing personality and confidence. Meanwhile, Rogue is the more quiet person that likes to hide away in the background, lingering in the shadows around him.

However, they’re both incredibly stubborn and immediately start fighting over the smallest of things.

“Oh, is that so?” I ask, almost with a small huff of air as close to no sound leaves my lips. My hands are - at some point - places on the male’s shoulders, where I let my fingertips trace down the front of his high collared, black coat. I feel him stiffen completely under my touch,as if he’s turned into stone.

“R-Rin…?” he asks carefully as he watches me, watches my every move, and I slowly let my hands travel up to his shoulders as I move my eyes to look deeply into his, nothing but lust clouding my turquoise orbs.

“Mhhm?” I whisper huskily as I lean a bit closer to him and let one of my hands travel to his nape so he won't be able to escape that easily.

“R-Rin--... I--... I don’t think we should, errh…” Rogue somehow manages to stutter through his nervous breathing, “I-I mean… You’re Sting’s…”

“I’m Sting’s… What?” I ask with a low chuckle without pulling away from him. Instead, I take a small step closer, pressing my chest against his, where I easily can feel his heart beating rapidly through his coat.

“G-Girlf--... Fuck,” he curses under his hitched breath, and I can quickly sense how his body temperature is rising by every second I stay this close to him. I must admit that I do quite enjoy the sight before me; I have never seen Rogue this flustered, I have never even imagined that he could make such facial expressions, yet alone the small sounds that leave his mouth.

“Oh, well this was in fact Sting’s idea,” I finally tell him with a small chuckle hiding somewhere between my words.

“Wha--...?” Rogue mutters in confusion as he directs his eyes towards me once again, but quickly looks away as he immediately lays his eyes upon my cleavage and still very revealed shoulder.

“Mhm, that’s the truth,” I whisper huskily as I put my hand on his cheek and gently turn his face towards mine so that he doesn’t have a choice but to look into my eyes, “So just relax, Raios.”

“It’s Rogue…” he protests as I use his nickname that he had stopped using long ago.

I don’t exactly let him say anything else, because with a sly smirk on my lips I lean closer to him and press my lips against his.

There is a lot of hesitation, and Rogue clearly doesn’t have a clue about what to do - without a doubt because I am his best friend’s girlfriend.

I try to make him calm down and relax as I move my hand from his nape upwards and through his strands of black hair that has been pulling back in his ponytail. I let my fingertips massage through his hair, and slowly I feel him relax under my touch.

He starts returning the kiss gently, carefully as he’s afraid to cross the line when it comes to me and Sting - but he shouldn’t be.

I sense as his lips slowly start moving against mine and small pecks of kisses are exchanged between us; it’s the very first time I kiss Rogue, and his taste is so interesting and intriguing that I just want more.

Just as those thoughts cross my mind, Rogue starts parting his lips more and I immediately see the chance to get a better taste of his cavern. So I carefully let my tongue lick at his lips, while I let my hands travel over his shoulders as I manage to pull him closer to me, pressing my chest harder against his.

I’m not quite sure what happens, but he suddenly grabs my hips through my bathrobe, and before I know of it, I’m pressed roughly against the nearest wall. As soon as my back hits the wall, I let a surprised gasp leave my lips, which Rogue only sees as a chance to take control as his tongue invades my cavern almost hungrily. I don’t get any say in this; he immediately dominates the whole situation, as if a raging beast suddenly took control of his body.

I let out a few, small moans into his mouth, but he swallows every sound with ease.

His hands travel slightly further down as he grabs my thighs and lifts me up, only for me to immediately wrap my legs around his hips, forgetting how my aroused lower parts are still fully exposed underneath my bathrobe.

My hands hold onto his shoulders and I feel how the bathrobe starts sliding off my other shoulder as well, barely covering my breasts by now.

I don’t understand what’s happening, this is so unlike Rogue; who would have thought that he was like some sort of beast waiting to be released - because this is Rogue, right? I thought this would be about me dominating the whole act because of his inexperience, but I could never have been more wrong.

He lets go of my lips and I immediately gasp for air as I throw my head a bit back against the wall, arching my back ever so slightly and pushing my chest a bit forward, “Haah,” I breathe, feeling completely light-headed all of a sudden. I don’t get too much time to adjust to the new position, because Rogue quickly latches onto my exposed neck, pressing his lips, tongue and teeth against my skin, like I’m some sort of prey for his dragon genes.

“Haah, Rogue!” I exclaim in utter pleasure as he digs his sharp fangs into my skin while he presses himself completely against me, where I immediately feel something between my legs - I can feel his clothed erection through his pants, and it’s being pressed against my womanhood, rubbing itself against me almost desperately.

Somehow the thought of Rogue thrusting inside of me arouses me to no end, and I can’t help but want it more and more by every second that goes by. I would never have dreamt of cheating on my boyfriend; I love Sting more than anything in this world, but as this is one of his own, stupid ideas, I might as well go with the flow for now.

Some sort of low growl escapes Rogue’s lips as they’re pressed against my throat, and I just let out a soft moan in reply.

“R-Rogue…” I pant out in heavy breaths, “Bed-... Bedroom.”

He tightens his grip on my thighs as he pulls his face away from my neck, only to look me in the eyes; I see nothing but pure lust in those red orbs of his, and somehow it both excites

and scares me, at the very same time.

“Y-Yeah…” he stutters quietly between breaths, “Sounds like a plan…”

I tighten my grip on his shoulders as he carries me towards the bedroom without further hesitation. His body is hot, incredibly hot, so I have no doubt that he wants this just as badly as I do, if not more.

The door to the bedroom is open, and as soon as Rogue stands in the doorway, his face takes on the expression of complete horror as he believes that he’s in so much trouble. His red eyes are met with a dark blue pair as he sees Sting, resting on the double bed in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants - at least he’s wearing more now than when I left him five minutes ago.

“S-Sting,” Rogue stutters quietly and I can feel his grip loosening on me as his mind is washed over with hesitation once again.

However, he quickly become utterly confused as a wide grin appears on Sting’s face and a low chuckle leaves his throat, “Aw, come on, man, at least give me the opportunity to watch this,” Sting says all too casually as he leans back with his arms bent and his hands rested behind his head.

“W-Watch--...?” Rogue asks as his eyes grow wide, “Exactly… What’s going on?”

I can see that he’s starting to come back to his senses now that reality has hit him, however I don’t really like that - so instead I take a hold on the collar of his coat and pull him with me towards the bed with a sly smirk dominating my facial features.

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