The Colorful Haired Boy In The Pikachu Onesie

Karley had gotten a new brother well step brother she had to leave London to live with her Step Mom and Step Brother and she didn't want to but little did she know how cheeky, perverted, and Attractive Michael was maybe they'd be more..


1. Joy I Have To Leave

(Song Of The Chapter - Broken Pieces by Andy Black)

Hi I'm Karley I had to move away from London to Sydney Australia because my father got remarried.. yay I'm practically unhappy about it because I have a new step brother his name is Michael but I call him Mikey anyway let's have a look see back at my dads wedding. 

So here I'm sitting by myself when Michael walks over and pulls me into him. "Hey there." He smirked at me I had no idea what he was thinking but I could've cared less and when I slapped him I called him one thing. "Your a total pervert!" I yelled. "And your new step brother." He added causing me to storm out and sit in the fields silent when I looked up there he was and to think I got up and hugged that pervert not to mention when I hugged him he grabbed my butt.


Im currently drawing a tattoo for myself it's a Electric Guitar considering it's my favorite  instrument. I had heard Michael talking to his friends about me and they all had said. "Well damn Mikey you gotta let us meet her." I was still sketching when my door flew open. "Karley meet the guys." My head shot up. "Do you ever knock? Or are you just hoping one day I'll be naked and you'll be able to take advantage of me?" I snarled. Little did I know what he was planning and how hurtful it was going to be...

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