The Cold Skinned and the Warm Hearted

This is a twilight spin off. I have put a lot of effort In this story. the main characters name is Sky Gray. she is different from the rest. she is part wolf part vampire. she has all vampire powers, can change into a wolf and is the only one who knows the truth about Renessamee. many people will be added to the story as it progresses. i hope you like it!


8. chapter 8

~Connor’s POV two days later~
Sky left the night Jacob came to see her. She said she would be back after she talked to him but she hasn't returned yet, i mean how long does it take to talk to someone? I’m currently sitting on the edge of Harry’s territory waiting for her but i don’t think she’s coming back.

“Fuck this!” I yell out into the woods. I get up and start to walk away.

“Wow, temper temper” i hear from behind me. I turn around to see Sky standing there looking at me with a smile on her face as the sun shines on her dirty blond hair.

“Sky! You came back!!”

“I said i would and i keep my word” she said as i took a large step towards her.She then backed up.

“Why so close?” she says as i take another step. She backs up until she hits a tree.

“Connor, I can’t do this. I thought you were gay?”

“I am but i need to tell you something but we need to be quite so Harry doesn’t hear.”

“Well what is it?” she whispered.

“There is a group of girl vampires coming after you”

“What?!?!?” she whispered/ yelled.

“Shhh Harry will hear you”

“What am i gonna do? Im wanted dead by some crazy Vamp. chicks!!!”

“I don’t think we’re crazy, what about you Malenah?” someone said from behind us.

“We’re far from it if you ask me” said another girl. We slowly turned around and i pushed Sky behind me. Two girls were standing there. One with blue hair with white streaks in it and she was wearing a pink and purple skirt and a shirt that said “wolf crazy” on it. She looked like a druggy. The other girl had black hair with red tips and was wearing yellow and red workout clothes. They both had tattoos that said “good girls are bad girls” the “druggy” had it on her hip and the other girl had it on her leg.

~Sky’s POV~

I was looking at the girls tattoos, they look familiar.

“Sorry to cut this short but we need to go” Said the girl with blue hair. After that they ran off to god knows where.

girl 1

girl 2


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