Carry On My Wayward Son 3



1. The Madame LaLaurie's Apartments

"I don't know how people could be so stupid!" I yelled looking at my laptop screen. We were in a motel, and I was looking for our next case. 

    "What is it?" Sam asked. 

    "Madame LaLaurie," I answered. "Three people killed in the last month. They were found with there guts hanging out, and sticks protruding from their heads. They built an apartment building over the foundation of Madame Delphie LaLaurie's home. Where she tortured Native Americans. Shoving sticks into there brains, and ooh ripping there guts from there bodies. This is also interesting on all three vics they were missing there ring-finger-nail on their right hands." Sam cringed, and he was holding his hand. 

    "Well I think I know someone whose felt that, eh, Sammy?" Dean smiled. 

    "Really?" Sam looked at him. I smiled, and closed my laptop. We had found a case. 

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