Carry On My Wayward Son 3



2. Motel

I sat my laptop down on the bed, and Sam did the same. 

   "Well while you two geeks get to work, I'm going to have a beer," Dean smiled. "Maybe watch some porn." 

   "Dude," Sam looked at him. I shook my head. 

   "You know what, I don't care!" he walked away. 

   "So we working together?" I asked Sam. He nodded, and sat on the bed. I picked my laptop up, and sat next to me. I started typing right away, and I surprised him by how fast I was catching onto this whole thing. 

   "Ooh, wait go back," he said. I did, and that's when something popped up. 

   "Wait a second what day is it?" I asked, and I clicked the top right hand corner. October 29th, 2016? 

   "The 31st there be more visitors than ever," Sam said. "We at least twenty-four hours before that date. So let's get to it." I typed in 'Madame Lalaurie Legends'. 

   After a few hours, my eyelids were heavy, and I kind of feel asleep. When I woke up, I was crying again. In my nightmare Dean had died. I knew it was a nightmare because Dean was still on the couch. He was drinking still, and Sam had passed out on the bed next to me. Dean looked over when the bed squeaked from me tying to get out of it. 

   "You okay?" he asked me. I felt small, and vulnerable. I didn't like it. 

   "No," I told him honestly, as I walked over to the kitchenette. When I looked back at Sam there was something there. What the hell? I grabbed a kitchen knife. The thing looked me over, and then it was on top of me before I could yell out. Crowley? He had his hand over my mouth. Dean jumped out of the couch. 

   "Crowley get off of her," Dean said loud enough for Sam to wake up, but Sam didn't move. 

   "Ah, Bambi, we meet again," Crowley smiled. 

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