Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


10. Surprised

   "What was that?" Tela Allish cried.  He had been knocked backwards by the impact and now steadied himself against the wall.
        Mand'ii used this opportunity to quickly jump to her feet and out of harm's way.  She turned and ran out the door and down the corridor.
        "Where are you going?" Anakin called, swiftly regaining his balance and running after her.
        "To meet the Jedi!" Mand'ii yelled back, without slowing down.
        The Twi'lek ran fast, Anakin grudgingly admitted to himself.  But why was she going to "meet the Jedi?"  Surely the child didn't have anything to do with them... or did she?
        Curious to see what would happen, Anakin followed the girl to the main entrance.  Mand'ii pushed open the main doors.  She was outside.
        Anakin heard voices and shouting coming from outside.  He quickly stepped out to see Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi with their lightsabers drawn, slashing at Zartek's guards.   Obi-Wan noticed Anakin and tossed him a gleaming silver object.  Anakin caught it.
        It was his lightsaber.  Admiring the weight of the familiar weapon in his hands, Anakin ignited the blue blade and joined his Master.  Then the padawan noticed something.
        Mace Windu had tossed Mand'ii a lightsaber too.
        "A... padawan?" Anakin exclaimed incredulously.  He had never heard about another padawan spy.
        "What was that?" Obi-Wan shouted over the din, as he skillfully deflected a laser headed towards him.
        "Oh... nothing," Anakin shrugged, and the fight continued.

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