Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


9. Frightened

       The door to the storage room slowly creaked open.  No one was to be seen in the dim light.
        Tela Allish clicked on his halo lamp and slowly swung it around the room.  Anakin held his breath, waiting.
        At last the beam landed on Mand'ii's frightened face.
        "Well, well, well," the overseer exclaimed slowly.  "What do we have here?"
        The young slave girl was too scared to move.  Allish approached her as a lion approaches its prey.
        "No!" Anakin cried out.  "Don't hurt her.  She's just a child!"
        "Quiet, slave," Allish snarled.  He reached out to seize Mand'ii's arm, but the Twi'lek finally came to her senses and leaped out of the way.
        The overseer was growing angrier by the minute.  He pulled out the electrowhip strapped to his belt and lashed out towards the girl before Anakin could attempt to stop him.  Fortunately, Mand'ii's quick reflexes enabled her to swiftly jump out of harm's way.
        Extremely quick reflexes, Anakin couldn't help thinking.  He wondered if this Twi'lek was Force-sensitive, but quickly dismissed the thought.  Either way, Mand'ii couldn't run forever.
        The next lash hit its target.  Mand'ii fell to the floor, crying in pain.
        "Mand'ii," Anakin breathed, shocked.
        "Don't worry, boy," Tela Allish sneered, turning in Anakin's direction.  "This girl is about to receive her proper punishment."
        "Please don't hurt her!" Anakin pleaded.  Even as he said the words, he wondered why he suddenly cared so much about this child. 
        The overseer brutally kicked Mand'ii over so that she was lying face-first on the ground.  Anakin tensed as Allish brought the whip down over the girl's thin back.
        Mand'ii cried out in pain as the beating continued.  Electricity coursed through the Twi'lek's veins as she thrashed on the floor.
        Suddenly, an explosion made all three of them stop in their tracks.
        Anakin smiled broadly as he realized a simple truth.
        The Jedi were here.

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